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"Blue Chiffon Dreams"

Brad's Description
I'm so lucky to have been married to Sonia for many years now. And the great thing is that she still leaves me breathless! This photo set is a perfect example of how she takes my breath away. On a satin bed, Sonia beckons. Her finely-curved feminine form is caressed by the sheerest blue chiffon. A skimpy bit of material cradles her full breasts, revealing more than it hides. The see-through nightie showcases her perky nipples. Tiny sheer hip-hugger panties encircle her hips and her inviting bottom. And the equally sheer gusset hints at the pleasures contained in those sheer chiffon panties. White high-heels and pale blue full-fashion stockings complete her sexy little outfit. And Sonia has an amazing way of showing it all off!

SoniaDane_com01.jpg SoniaDane_com02.jpg
SoniaDane_com03.jpg SoniaDane_com04.jpg SoniaDane_com05.jpg SoniaDane_com06.jpg
SoniaDane_com07.jpg SoniaDane_com08.jpg SoniaDane_com09.jpg SoniaDane_com10.jpg
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