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"Friendly Physical Exam"

Brad's Description
Like a voyeuristic little fly on the wall, you watch Nurse Sonia in the exam room as she prepares to give her good friend Ivana a physical examination. Nurse Sonia sits on the exam table looking over Ivana's charts and asking her personal medical questions. With the top buttons of her nurse's uniform undone, you can see the lacy bodice of her white full-slip caressing her breasts. And it seems that no matter which way she turns or moves her legs, you have a clear view up her dress, of her very revealing white see-through bikini panties (with a sheer gusset). When she asks Ivana to scoot up on to the table, Ivana seems shy about taking her dress off or having Nurse Sonia touch her. So she first tries to slide her stethoscope down the front of Ivana's dress, then suggests that Ivana might be more comfortable if Sonia took her dress off too! What a great idea!! Ivana eagerly helps Nurse Sonia out of her uniform and is soon out of her dress as well. Both the nurse and her patient are stripped down to their sexy stockings, panties, bras and high-heels. Now they'll BOTH have a chance to do a little friendly physical exam!











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