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"Slips and Briefs"

Brad's Description
Two of my favorite things! (slips and briefs, that is) And they couldn't look better anywhere, than they do on Sonia's body. Sonia begins this photo set wearing the full-slip you see in this sample picture, with a shiny pair of cream colored Vanity Fair briefs with little roses on them. But after giving you some peeks at her slip and pretty panties, she slips out of her panties and changes them for another pretty pair of VF briefs. This second pair is the pair in this sample picture. They are white nylon panties with little blue flowers and lace at the hips. You can tell she likes the way they feel, as she rubs the slip against the silky panties. After enjoying the feel of her new panties, Sonia removes her full-slip and puts on an old-fashioned lacy white full bra and a shiny white half-slip with three inches of beautiful feminine lace at the hem. Then, laying down on the bed, she removes her panties and changes them for a pair of sheer pink briefs. We never get to see these pink panties in their full glory. But we do get some very sexy peeks of them, looking up her slip! 

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