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"Voyeur's Guide to Playing Chess"

Sonia's Hubby's Description
When presented with the opportunity to play chess with a sexy woman like Sonia, refer to this guide to maximize your enjoyment! Remember, winning the game isn't important. Make sure you are seated to look up her dress or down her blouse at every opportunity (this is the true object of the game). Make your moves as quickly as possible so you can refocus on peeking up her dress to see her pretty nylon panties, and looking down her blouse at her voluptuous breasts. While she's thinking of her next move, she'll be unlikely to notice your voyeuristic gaze. When she gives you a clear view of her panties, or her cleavage, or when one of her nipples escapes her low-cut top, be sure NOT to alert her - if you do, you will leave her no other option than to cover up. This is to be avoided at all costs! If she's showing you something special she must be able to convince herself that it's innocent and accidental. So feel free to look as much as you want, but let her pretend it's accidental. Compliment her often. This will make her feel even sexy and attractive. If she catches you looking and calls you on it, don't deny it, but give her a plausible excuse. "I was looking at your panties and I thought white nylon brief panties might look even sexier than the pretty panties you're wearing." If you're lucky (and you will be) she'll take a break from the game and change her panties right there in front of you! "I noticed that I can see the straps of your pretty lacy bra. Maybe with a dress like that, it would be better not to wear any bra at all?!"

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