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"Enjoying Shiny Pink Brief Panties"

Brad's Description
In the great tradition of Sonia's "close-ups in bed" photo sets, in this series we get to enjoy watching Sonia enjoy her pretty shiny pink brief panties as she reads some erotic stories in bed. My favorite panties have always been those made of the shiniest and silkiest nylon. The way the light reflects off of the shimmering panties leaves no doubt as to what you're seeing when it catches your eye as you gaze up a woman's dress. And seeing that beautiful shimmering nylon always brings to mind just how delightfully soft and silky those panties will feel. Just a glimpse of that silken nylon fabric can fill you with anticipation and excitement for what's to come. Watching Sonia lounging in her pretty pink panties, with a pink mini full-slip, pink garter belt, off-black stockings, and shiny black patent leather pumps, it soon becomes aparent that Sonia is also enjoying the wonderful pleasures that these panties offer. And oh how I enjoy watching her enjoy them!

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