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"Flowered Dress and Classic Lingerie"

Brad's Description
Shooting these pictures of Sonia made me remember a time when most women wore dresses, most of the time. Their legs were commonly adorned with silky nylon stockings held up by the clasps of a garter or girdle. Their feet perched atop delicate high-heels. Dressing in these things, for them, was a ritual of femininity, each layer of underwear and lingerie having a purpose and providing allure. And for us, the boys and men who grew up in those times, each layer represented a separate goal, whether it was to just see the lacy hem of a slip, the flash of white nylon panties up a dress, or the shape of a garter clasp as a dress stretched tightly over it. Or maybe you thought of getting your hand inside her bra, or unclasping the fasteners like you'd been practicing with one hand on the bra you found in your mother's or sisters laundry hamper. Sonia brought me back to those times in this photo set, wearing a sheer flowered dress, a silky pink full-slip, a longline bullet-bra with enough clasps to challenge any of our well-practiced hands, and generous cups full-and-pointed to blow your mind, a hip-hugging open-bottom girdle clasped to full-fashioned nylon stockings, and underneath it all a pair of shimmering pink nylon full-cut brief panties hugging the soft curves of her beautiful bottom. Oh yes! And we can't forget the thing that brings it all together and puts it on display for our viewing pleasure, the impossibly high-heels that make it all even sexier as she teeters delicately atop them, her hips swaying side-to-side, hypnotizing you and drawing you in...

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