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"Sonia's Bubble Bath (part 1)"

Brad's Description
I don't think my description of this photo set can possibly do it justice! Sonia simply sparkles in these pictures. Dressed in a black zipper-front dress with her finest full-fashioned stockings and white 6 inch pumps, Sonia runs her bath water. As she bends over the tub, she shows us her pretty white brief panties, through which you can see her 50's style girdle garter. As she unzips her dress she reveals a depth of cleavage, held in place by her white satin bra... a bra which tries, but fails, to keep her perky nipples enclosed. When the water is just right, Sonia drops her dress to the floor and steps into the bathtub, still wearing her stockings and all her underthings. And when she gets all wet and sudsy, she looks invitingly at you, as if to say, "come on in, the water's fine!"

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