Photo Set #156-White Lace
You are so beautiful in your black heels in the "white lace" set, could you pleazzzz do us guys a great favor and make a set dedicated specially to your oh so gorgeous legs and those great black heels (without stockings) ?? I'm a fan of yours for 3 years now, and still hoping to see you make a set like this :-)))

love, david

Hi Sonia & Brad,
I'm just returning from a long vacations of 3 weeks.  I'm making a review of Sonia's Site and I can't believe that my eyes are watching. "Sonia and Taylor Play Pool" and "Pink Feathered Robe"  and "White Lace"  Photosets, with Sonia's wearing ultra-sheer bra and panties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I'm still now with my eyes wide open. Sheer clothes are the best on Sonia's body and rear close ups to the Sonia's buttocks makes me have a wet dreams.

Excellent Photosets.  Thank's Sonia and please, more ultra sheer photosets.

Saludos de tu admirador número uno desde México.

Subject:  White Lace
Hi Sonia,
I have not talked to you in some while now... a few years.  I am the artist that asked you if I could use some of your work for my pen and ink work just after you started your internet work.  I have done some wonderful work because of your beautiful legs.  I just received an update from you and took a look at the picture.. WOW... that is your beauty!!!  Your muscle symetery, elegance and leg structure is still the best on the internet (and off I think).  You have set a standard I find hard to see in most any woman I have met.  I have moved from the north in Canada to the hot south of the states and, although there are more women here, you are still the best of the best.  Keep it up...:)
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