Santa's Panty Helper (part 1)

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Brad's Description
Santa's Panty Helper
Santa's hot little helper is wearing a sexy little santa dress with a white garter and stockings and red high-heel stiletto pumps.  Santa can't help but look up his little helper's dress every chance he gets, trying to see her pretty panties.  And he doesn't have to wait long!  In the second picture of this series, he gets a good look right up the front of her dress, at the crotch of her pretty white panties.  When she bends over to pick up a present from under the tree her entire butt peeks out from under her little dress, and Santa gets a good look at the back of her pretty panties too!  But Santa can hardly figure out where to look next, because while his little helper's panties are on display, her her big soft breasts are spilling out of the top of her low-cut dress.  Santa tells her the present is especially for her, and delights in her excitement when she sees that Santa has given her a box full of pretty panties for his sexy little helper to wear!
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