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Sonia Dane
Sonias-backyard234 crop.jpg

Photo courtesy of Sonia Dane.
Born Palmerston North, New Zealand
Spouse(s) married to current husband Brad in 1987
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 125 lb (57 kg; 8.9 st)
Measurements 38D-26-36
Eye colour Hazel
Hair colour Blonde
Ethnicity Maori / British
No. of adult films 366 *photosets*
Official website

Sonia Dane is the pseudonym of an adult internet pin-up model born in New Zealand and residing in Southern California in the United States since the 1960s.[1] With an internet presence since 1997, the majority of her body of work at the time of the writing of this article (November 2010) is made up of her 360+ photo sets portraying her as a glamour or Pin-Up model rather than a porn star or nude model.

Table of Contents
1 Sonia Dane's Pictures
2 Beginnings
3 Developments - Competitive Rankings
4 Longevity - The Future
5 References
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Sonia Dane's Pictures

In the tradition of the Pin-Up models of the 1940s 50's and '60s, Sonia Dane's pictures are of a teasing nature showing her scantily clad, or in classic lingerie, with occasional bits of nudity. And while there is some nudity in her photo sets, nudity is not the goal of her pictures, but rather the logical outcome of a few of her photo sets.

More typically Sonia Dane's pictures portray her innocently dressing or undressing in stockings, garter belts, stiletto heels, classic full-cut brief panties, bras, slips, girdles, nightgowns and the like. Other themes of Sonia's pictures have included soft-core bondage; role-playing as a nurse, secretary, maid, etc.; and appearing scantily clad outdoors or in public places. Sonia has never posed with men in her pictures, but on many occasions, has shot girl-girl pictures with other women, who are generally her personal friends.

All of Sonia's pictures have been shot by her husband, Brad, formerly a small business entrepreneur, and later a corporate account executive with a major office products corporation. In his own words, he doesn't consider himself a professional photographer. Rather, he simply takes pictures of what he wants to see, giving viewers a glimpse into the privacy of their home and the playful side of their relationship. They have also shot many of their photo sets on location in public places, such as a Hollywood lingerie shop, a local car wash, the local grocery store, hotels (locally) and hotels and other locations while traveling to such places as Las Vegas, NV (on location at Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, Aladdin, Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, Tropicana Resort & Casino, etc.), Hawaii, Lake Havasu City, AZ, Mammoth Lakes, CA and many others.


Sonia Dane wearing a Bob Mackie dress with an open-bottom girdle, see-through panties, full-fashioned stockings, and stiletto heels.

Sonia Dane and her husband Brad state on their website, that they started their first website in 1997[2] and quickly found that they were the first major contributors to the online genre of Solo Amateur Lingerie Fetish Models. They began by posting a few of Sonia's pictures to Usenet Newsgroups in January 1997. Then, with all the positive feedback from those posts, they were encouraged to develop their first website in February 1997.[2] By the Summer of 1997 they were able to accept credit cards payments, and their business began to flourish. In the beginning, Sonia elected not to show her face in any of her pictures, knowing that her anonymity was not something she could take back once her face was revealed.[1] But in time she decided that she was proud of the work that she had done and was ready to take that step and reveal her face in her new pictures.

Developments - Competitive Rankings

In March 2000,[3] seeking to expand her market and her reach on the internet, Sonia Dane began to introduce new amateur models to her audience through her LingeriePass partnership program, at[4] Under the LingeriePass partnership, these amateur models would provide their pictures to Sonia. In return, Sonia and her husband Brad would create websites for them and give them each a portion of the profits generated by their site. Members who subscribed to Sonia Dane's LingeriePass (through or any of her partner sites) would in turn have access to all of these models' sites, including Sonia Dane's site. This additional content added value to the memberships and helped Sonia to grow her business. continued to grow and garner significant market share, with a current #1 ranking among Lingerie Fetish Member Sites[5] according to the well respected internet information company,[6] Furthermore, Sonia's website currently ranks #3 in the in the Adult Lingerie Fetish category, (out of a listing of 359 sites),[5] and a very respectable 9th in the highly competitive (1212 competing sites) upper-level category of Adult Image-Galleries Fetishes.[7]

Longevity - The Future

Continuously on the internet since 1997, Sonia's career as an actively producing solo internet model has extended far beyond the careers of her competitors. In 2010, Sonia entered the age of Social Networking by beginning a Facebook Fan Page.[8] Her timeless beauty, her innocence, her talent for expressing true femininity with ease, and her focus on Pin-Up style Lingerie Fetish pictures, have kept her at the top of her game. And she hopes to remain there for some time to come.


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