Sonia Dane's Measurements

Sonia Dane bra breasts measurements picture
42 in.
Bra Size 36DD
Sonia Dane's waist measurement picture in a girdle
26 in.
sonia dane bikini panty picture lady sonia girdle pulling down
36 in.
sonia dane's legs and feet, stockings garter high-heels picture
Shoe Size 8 1/2

A Little Something About Me

- How We Got Started and What We're About -

In January of 1997 Brad (my husband) and I bought a digital camera and started having some fun with it. I would be getting dressed or getting ready to go out with him on a date, and he would take pictures of me. He had never really taken any pictures before and didn't really consider himself a photographer. In his words, he "just took pictures of what he wanted to see."  We were both surprised with the quality of the pictures we created and were curious about how others would like them.  Cautiously, we posted some of my pictures around the web.  I didn't show my face in those early pictures because although we didn't know where this would lead us, we did know that once my anonymity was compromised we would never be able to get it back.

Over the next several weeks we received a very positive response from many nice people out there (I know many of you are still around and are reading this right now).  And thanks to your very enthusiastic support and your many thoughtful compliments and words of encouragement, we kept at it... having fun and taking pictures!

Then, in February of 1997, less than two months after getting our first camera, we opened Sonia's Homepage (later to become We discovered that we both had an interest in starting a website. And we saw when we explored the internet, that there were not very many high-quality amateur pictures available that were not totally explicit or hard-core. The pictures we had been taking had more of a voyeuristic quality to them, and Brad and I both found them to be more erotic that way.

Brad loves to see me in lingerie of all types (classic lingerie and see-through lingerie are his favorites), and I love wearing sexy things for him.  So many of the photo sets we have created, focus on my nylon stockings, my see-thru lingerie, and my high-heels.  In many of my pictures I'm wearing classic types of lingerie such as garter belts, full-fashion stockings, RHT stockings, full-slips and half-slips, nightgowns, babydolls, bras, and full-cut brief panties.   I also have voyeuristic pictures like peeks up my dress at my see-thru panties, or downblouse (down-blouse) pictures of my breasts, cleavage, or my bras.

We try to give you little glimpses that you would see if you were a fly-on-the-wall looking into my bedroom.  Or we'll capture the kind of secret peeks that you might steal in public places, looking up my skirt or dress, or peeking down my top.  We have tried to fill our website with these stolen glimpses.  And we hope you enjoy catching these peeks and being a part of our little corner of the web.  We sure enjoy doing our part :-)  Thank you for visiting!! 

Sonia ;-)
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