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- NEW Erotic Stories -

Modeling Underwear for the Women Next Door - The neighbor ladies see him wanking and make him come to their house under threat of telling his parents (older-women/younger-man, CFNM, forced nudity, forced masturbation, voyeurism, shaving)

Miss Lucy - A 55-year-old neighbor lady helps clean up Bobby after he gets dirty crawling under her house (voyeurism, upskirt, older-woman/boy, first-time)

The Experiment - An experimental sex drug that goes wrong, and yet goes right, all in the same night. (older-women/boy, mom/son, incest, reluctant, sci-fi, oral, anal, extreme)

Doctor Laura's Procedure - A young big-dicked black boy is taken to a big boobed pediatrician by his mother to see if there is anything the doctor can do to fix his problem (older-woman/boy, interracial, big breasts, big penis, medical)

Mrs. Michaels - Fantasies about his best friend's sexy mom, become a reality (older-woman/younger-man, voyeurism)

Mum and I - A young boy learns that 'motherly love' can take on different forms. Once trained, he spends the next two years sexually pleasing his mother and her friend, in every way. (mom-son, older-woman/boy, incest, golden showers)

My Mother-In-Law's New Nightie - He stays at his mother-in-law's house where they both engage in some exhibitionism and voyeurism (exhibitionism, voyeurism, tease, dickflash, big breasts, lingerie)

Reaping the Benefits of a Drinking Sister and Mother - A young boy siezes the opportunities that arise in his household with his older sister and his mom (brother-sister, mom-son, drunk, sleeping, incest)

Subway Show - Horny girl gets nasty for her boyfriend and a crowd. (voyeurism, exhibitionism, small boobs, big nipples)

Mommy's Special Little Girl - Mommy treats her little boy like a little girl, and he likes it! - (mom-son, femdom, incest, crossdressing, lactation)

My Summer with Cheryl - A young bully is taught a lesson by his sexy babysitter (voyeurism, tease, punishment, femdom, panties, forced panty-wearing)

- NEW Erotic Stories -

A Visit with Grandma - An adult grandson has fun with his grandma and her friends (grandmother/grandson, older women/younger men, exhibitionist, voyeur, slut)

Anything to Help Him - A mother allows herself to be dominated by her teenage son (mom/son, brother/sister, male domination, submission humiliation, incest)

The Lady Next Door - 15 year-old is seduced by the sexy lady next door. (woman/boy, lingerie, voyeurism, exhibitionism, romance)

Me and My Mum - Mother and son story that is told from both of their perspectives. (mother/son, incest, voyeurism, panties, masturbation, first time)

Shy, Sweet, But Big   - He meets the older neighbor lady and is surprised to find she has the biggest set of tits he has ever seen. (older woman/younger man, huge tits, breast fetish, nightgown)

Big Mouth - Busty mature beauty catches his attention but his big mouth gets him in trouble. (older woman/younger man, big breasts, breast fetish, punishment, spanking)

Helen's Hot Boy Lusts - A older woman's boy-fantasies come true, as she makes boys' fantasies come true (see what I did there?). (older-woman/boys, tease, voyeur)

Auntie Val - A brief experience (maybe true) of a boy with his auntie, the memory of which would last a lifetime. (woman, boy, aunt/nephew, panties, stockings, lingerie, voyeur)

Amazing Grace - Tom often slept with his Granny till he was eighteen, and when he got lodgings with a sixty- year-old lady, it wasn’t too long before he was in bed with her, but this time he wasn’t just sleeping. (older-woman/younger-man)

Mommy's Little Pervert - Mommy gets angry when she catches her son sniffing and wearing her panties, and boy does she teach him a lesson! (femdom, incest, older woman/younger man, humiliation,

- NEW Erotic Stories -

I Masturbated with My Mom's Panties - A boy's true experience with his mother after she discovered him with her panties (mother/son, F/m, panties, caught, incest, voyeurism)

Panty 1 - A student in his last year of law school gets discovered by his beautiful nextdoor nurse (panty-fetish, m/f, voyeurism, exhibitionism)

Panty 2 - Another beautiful nurse from his apartments teases his fetish by having him do her laundry (m/f, voyeurism, panty-fetish, laundry)

Older Woman Seduces a Young Man - He thought they were just friends until this older woman gave him what he thought was going to be an innocent massage (older-woman/younger-man, massage)

Mrs. Babbitt - He runs into a woman who was his gradeschool teacher many years ago. She encourages him to take what he has always wanted (older-woman/younger-man, teacher/student, public)

Big Tits - Is it a blessing or a curse for a thirteen year-old girl to have huge tits? (big breasts, M+/f-teen, mf-teens, 1st, oral, prost)

My Sister's Days-of-the-Week Panties - by PantyLover - This is the story of how an 11-year-old boy's interest in and fascination with his sister's panties began (panty-fetish, panty-wearing, voyeurism)

The Invisible Panty Thief - by PantyLover - We have all considered what we might do if we had the power of invisibility, but this inventive 15-year-old figures out just how to do it (panty-fetish, invisibility)

Interview with a Panty Lover (chapter 3) - by PantyLover - Early and formative experiences that helped form his sexual procivities (panty-fetish, first-time, m-teen/f-teen) - (link to ch. 1 & 2)

- NEW Erotic Stories -

Modern Health Care? (chapter 1) - A young, injured, male baseball player receives special treatment from his stepmother, neighbor, and classmates and a female Doctor in the local emergency room. (older-women/boy, forced nudity, humil, femdom, medical)

Modern Health Care? (chapter 2) - Our hero endures extended periods of nudity in front of more girls and women as he works off his debt, doing everything they deman of him. (older-women/boy, forced nudity, humil, femdom, medical)

Modern Health Care? (chapter 3) - And now he's taken to the school to pose nude for the class of female art students. (older-women/boy, forced nudity, humil, femdom, medical)

Unexpected Exam - A high-school aged boy get's pulled out of school by his girlfriend's mom and taken to her female doctor for an exam to see if he's fit to marry her daughter one day soon. (older-women/boy, exhib, voy, humil, tease, medical)

Mom's Panty Drawer - A teen-age boy snoops in his mom's panty drawer and is aroused by her subtle exhibitionism around the house (older-women/boy, mom/son, exhib, voy, tease, incest, panties)

Auntie's Panties - A young man is discovered by his mother and his sexy aunty with a pilfered pair of his aunties panties - his punishment is both embarassing and exciting (older-women/younger-man, mom/son, aunt/nephew, humil, panties, cd, incest)

Older Woman Nextdoor Hanging Laundry on the Line - a virile young man begins flirting with the curvy married older woman nextdoor - friendly sexy banter turns in to wild animalistic sex with the buxom underappreciated neighbor lady. (older-woman/younger-man, exhib, voy, big breasts)

Flashing My Mother-In-Law - a true experience of a 41 year old man flashing his mid-60's mother-in-law. (older-woman/younger-man, exhib, voy, masturbation)

My First Taste of Real Sex - a true story that happened as he was going through puberty. (grandmother/grandson, brother/sister, incest, older-woman/younger-man, size, voy, exhib, tease)

- NEW Erotic Stories -

Grandma's Big Tits - She knows he's been checking out her breasts - Colin has been having fantasies about his grandmother's impressive breasts for some time. He fights against his feelings but... (grandmother/grandson, breast-fetish, incest, older-woman/younger-man)

Wife Becomes an Exhibitionist - The First Year  - Husband shares all the titillating details of how his conservative wife became an wanton exhibitionist, with his careful encouragement. - (husband/wife, exhibitionism, show-off, slut, public-nudity)

With My Aunt on Vacation - True experience about an adult nephew who takes his older Aunt on vacation and gives her a massage that includes a Hitachi vibrator. (aunt/nephew, massage, tease, voyeurism, first-time)

Young Lover - A young woman falls for a younger boy who lives next door (woman/boy, voyeurism, first-time)

Summer with Granny I'll Never Forget - A breast-obsessed teenaged boy spends the summer with his (older-woman/younger man, voyeurism, exhibitionism, upskirt)

An Old Friend of Mum's - A young man has an opportunity to expose himself to one of his mom's sexy friend's as he's ogling her. (older-woman/younger man, voyeurism, exhibitionism, upskirt)

A Three Step Ladder - A young man finds himself alone with his best friend's mother who needs his help hanging some new drapes - and, as they say, one thing leads to another. (older-woman/younger man, voyeurism, panties)

A Massage for Mom - A young boy gives his Mom a massage to relieve her tensions and ends up seducing her - or is it the other way around? (incest, mom/son, tease, voyeurism, exhibitionism)

A Few Days with Aunt Jen - This is the way that most boys would dream about learning about sex, from a loving, caring older woman. (incest, aunt/nephew, first-time)

- NEW Erotic Stories -

Unleashing Mary - Mom needs help, since the doctor canceled her appointment for a much needed enema. Luckily her son is willing to help. (mom, son, incest, voyeur, enema, anal)

I Made my Son Crossdress in my Nightie and Panties - Indian mother spies on her son dressing in his sister's panties, sets him up with no clothes to wear, and makes him wear her pink nightie and panties. (voyeur, mom, son, panties, nightie, crossdressing, indian)

Strict Auntie Deals with Naughty Nephew - Nephew gets caught looking up his sexy auntie's dress, peeking at her stockings, garters, and panties, and stealing her pretty panties for his pleasure. He pays the price with an over-the-knee spanking. (voy, exhib, panties, stockings, garters, upskirt, spanking, otk, femdom, aunt, nephew)

Teasing Little Brother - Boy is toyed with by his three older sisters, then his mom comes home drunk (incest, brother, sisters, mom, son)

Slutty Best Friends - Two slutty high-school besties tease their younger brothers (incest, brother, sister, slutty, voyeur, exhib)

Doctor Laura's Procedure - a little boy with a big problem is taken to a busty female doctor by his concerned mother (woman/boy, penis size, big breasts, medical exam, female doctor )

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Panties and Lingerie Ladies from the Web
- Sonia's Photo Sets -
How to Succeed in Business
54 images
Sexy secretary taking her dress of at work, to show her slip, bra, panties, stockings, garters, and high-heels.
- NEW Erotic Stories -

Wearing My Mom's Panties - she comes home early and catches him in the act (incest, mom/son, panty fetish)

Fun with Grandma - quick story about some of the perverted things he did when he stayed with his elderly grandmother (incest, grandmother/grandson, slip fetish, lingerie fetish, masturbation, n/c)

Wife's Breast Exam Turns Erotic - exposure leads to arousal for this sexy big boobed wife (exhib, voy, medical, big breasts, sexy wife)

Wife's Big Tits at the Water Park - he encourages his sexy wife to expose her big breasts at the water park (exhib, husband/wife, hot wife, big breasts)

Enema for Jeff - the second day he's kept home from school for not feeling well, Jeff's mother has her friend (an ex-nurse) stop by to give him an enema (young boy, big penis, older woman, forced nudity)

Drugged Mother-in-Law -Christopher has wanted his prim widowed bitch of a dmother in-law for years. Now, thanks to a friend with a chemistry degree, he has the means to put her to sleep for 6 hours. (older woman, incest, voy, drugged, n/c, big boobs)

My Insane Granny - Grandmother comes to live with her young adult grandson and he learns to deal with her crazyness

Bible Mom - a very strict and very religious single mother resigns herself to the fact that she must help her dirty son deal with his sexual urges (mom/son, incest, voy, exhib, anal)

Aunt Suzie's Panties - he becomes obsessed with finding a way to smell the part of her panties that touches her womanhood (panty sniffing, voy, exhib, aunt/nephew)

Adventures in Panties and Dresses - his older sister discovers his interest in her panties - she and her friends take advantage of this knowledge and make him play dress-up (cd, panties, brother/sister)

A Boy Helps His Grandmother Install a New Hot Tub in Her Backyard (incest, older woman/younger man, exhib, voy)

Mother/Step-Mother - she discovers his lingerie fetish and crossdressing while he discovers that she's not his real mother.

- Guest Models' Videos -Panties & Boobs Up Her Dress
3 min. video
See-Through Panties & Stockings Tease
- Guest Models' Videos -Helping the Neighbor Lady
9 min. video
Helping the Neighbbor Lady
- Guest Models' Videos -See-Through Panties & Stockings Tease
12 min. video
See-Through Panties & Stockings Tease
- Guest Models' Videos -Another Busty Secretary Downblouse
2 min. video
Another Busty Secretary Downblouse
- NEW Erotic Stories -

The Lawn Boy - when he knocks on the door to ask for water, the lady of the house greets him in nothing but a very short babydoll negligee (exhib, voy, inc, older woman)

With My Mother in Law - true recollection of an experience with his mother in law (exhib, voy, mast, older woman)

First Time Flashing and Jerking Off - accidental flash opens him up to the possibilities (exhib, voy)

Daniel's School Physical - he gets an unexpected physical from the school nurse. (older woman, forced nudity, medical)

Laundry - a story from the woman's point of view and about how her friend becomes involved with her son (panties, inc, older woman)

Step-mommy - her punishment for him involves naked time. (exhib, voy, older woman, forced nudity, femdom)

A Hot Ride With My Mother-In-Law - crazy things happen when she can't hold it any longer.

Mrs. Robinson's Panties - Helping out my mom's friend didn't seem too appealing. Until I started trying on her panties. (panties, crossdressing, older woman, milf, femdom, caught)

- Sonia's Photo Sets - Floral Dress & Full-Fashioned Stockings
59 images
Sonia Dane wearing a floral dress with full-fashioned stockings while taking off her satin bikini panties
- Guest Models' Videos - - Sarah - Sarah Shows Off Satin Panties
4 min. video
Sarah Shows Off Satin Panties
- Sonia's Photo Sets - Little Black Lace-up Dress
36 images
Sexy pin-up pictures of my wife Sonia in a little black lace-up dress.
- Guest Models' Videos - Vanity Fair Brief Panties & Pantyhose
15 min. video
Video of a woman wearing Vanity Fair brief panties and pantyhose.
- NEW Erotic Stories -

Dr. M's Files: Change for the Better - A mother takes some time to get close to her son. (F/m-teen, inc, voy)

Mrs. Gosden (part 1) - This is the kind of older woman most of us dream of - curvy, unmistakably female, and very sexy!

Mrs. Gosden (part 2) - More fun with this very sexy older woman.

In Love with Grandma - voyeurism between grandma and grandson - undeniable mutual attraction of a voluptuous older woman and her teenage grandson leads to an inevitable encounter.

Taking Aunt's Panties - leads to some panty play and anal play with his lovely auntie.

Auntie's Panties - His mother discovers his fetish and his auntie has a choice way of dealing with it.

My Aunt's Panties - True story account of how he first came to appreciate his aunt's panties.

- NEW Erotic Stories -

A Furtive Intrusion - A young boy and his mother, sleeping pills and some rudimentary bondage, the perfect recipe for him to explore her mature sexy body.

Daycare for Tyler - If you ever had a crush on a beautiful teacher, this is probably what you wish you could have done, and definitely how you would have wanted her to respond (written from the teacher's perpective)

Toby - a very naughty story about a VERY naughty boy.

Caught by Cousin - a panty fetish incest story - it all starts when he gets caught.

My Grandmother Masturbates Me - true story of grandmother grandson incest - It started with her just washing me...

Come in Mommy - Mommy tells the story of incest with her reluctant son.

- Sonia's Videos - Maui Wind Upskirts
13.5 min. video
Windy skirt upskirt video of Sonia's sheer white panties in Maui
- Guest Models' Videos -Silk Camisole and Nylon Stockings
18 min. video
Video of a woman in a silk camisole and silk French knickers changing from black stockings to sheer tan stockings.
- Guest Models' Videos -Mature Brunette in Sheer Babydoll Nightie
4 min. 36 sec. video
Mature Brunette Beauty wearing a sheer see-through babydoll nightie
- NEW Erotic Stories -

Wanting to Get Caught in Mom's Panties - A true account of his obsession with wearing and getting caught in his mother's panties.

Auntie Clem and the Clystere - His mom's sister, a pediatrician, has a matter-of-fact way of delivering spankings, enemas, forced nudity, and embarassing medical exams, that he has learned to love.

Brighton Bed & Breakfast - A young man and two older women enjoy what begins as a bit of accidental exhibitionism and voyeurism.

What I've Been Missing - A slim busty woman who's always hid her body under conservative dress, describes how she discovered and embraced her inner slut.

Unnatural Desires - A sexy mother vacations at the beach with her curious young son.

A Loving Mother - An innocent young son's curiosity, and his loving mother's willingness to satisfy that curiosity, lead to more and more.

Young Lover - A young woman falls for a cute, pre-teen boy.

Willowy Wonderland - It's the 1960s and a beautiful widowed woman is living nextdoor, not much could be better for a 16 year old boy.

Babysitter's Bikini - A young girl babysitting for a young boy and his sister, has a fantasy to tease the boy. The teasing goes much farther than she had ever imagined.

Curious About Mom's Panties - A true experience about how his curiosity for his mother's panties grew into a love of feeling and wearing satiny thong and bikini panties just like hers.

Grand Affair - Grandmother and grandson have a special relationship over many years.

- Guest Models' Videos - Naughty Schoolgirl Spanking and Caning
12 min. video
Naughty Schoolgirl in White Brief Panties is Spanked and Caned by her Headmistress
- Guest Models' Videos - Mature Beauty in See-Through Panties & White Lingerie
3 min. video
Beautiful mature woman wearing see-through panties and white lingerie
Erotic Stories

Spanked by Aunt - We should all be so lucky as to have an aunt like this one.

Not Your Average Grandma - She's an eccentric woman who does some surprising things, starting with taking his temperature... the old-fashioned way.

Aunt Paula's Odd Proportions - His love of big tits is encouraged by his sexy aunt Paula.

My Obsession with Panties - It begins while living in a house full of females.

My Middle Aged Neighbor Lady - His Mom's sexy best friend lives nextdoor.   We should all be so lucky!

Thanks to My Hot Sexy Aunt - A recent high-school graduate spends some time at his aunt's house, to prepare him for college.

My Mom's Boobs - A short but true experience of a guy fascinated with his mom's boobs.

A Love of Lingerie - One man's account of how he came to love lingerie, from childhood through college.

Aunty Pat - He's always been attracted to older women, and it started with his Aunty Pat.

Boobs 'n' Boners - The tale of a very horny son, and an equally horny mom

Aunt Suzanne Helps Out - his big titted aunt comes to visit for a few weeks and he's powerless to resist her seductive ways

A Loving Grandmother - his grandma comes to stay after his grandpa dies, what will happen when she has to share a bedroom with her grandson?

Erotic Stories

Favorite Aunt - she was the best thing that ever happened to him

My Aunt's Huge Tits - an obsession fulfilled

Mrs. Alison Jenkins - a little role reversal teaches him some valuable lessons as a teenager "babysits" for a neighbor lady twice his age

Mom's Panties Runneth Over - it starts as she spies on her son and finds him masturbating with her panties

Mom's Yellow Panties - a peek up the skirt of a girl at school, then a peek up his mother's dress, and he's hooked!

Miss Foster - a bit like The Summer of '42 - his fantasy comes true with his sexy home-room teacher

Giving Something Back - A little innocent horseplay turns into something much more for a frustrated single mom and her horny son

Being Grandma's Carer - left in charge of his grandma's care after an accident, he's presented with opportunities he didn't anticipate

My Aunt - a game of voyeurism and exhibitionism lead to a mind-blowing experience

A Lousy Time - mom and the neighbor lady take this opportunity to make him get naked in front of them

Female Nurse Takes My Rectal Temperature - true story

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