I'm so lucky to have some of the most kind and gracious customers and fans in the world!
I'm thankful to all of you for the thoughtful encouragement you have given me over the years.
Below are some of the wonderful comments and compliments I have received from my members, customers and fans...
Please feel free to share your thoughts with me at any time.
You can e-mail me directly at Sonia@SoniaDane.com

Dear Brad and Sonia,

I never really thanked you for your excellent photography and all the hours of "entertainment" that you provide me.

My personal favorite is always the heels and stockings pictures. I just love looking at a woman's shapely legs and either seeing her run her hands up and down or imagine myself doing it. I guess I have a bit of a leg fetish.

I also really like all the perky breasts showcased in your photos. I appreciate this more as I get older. The youthful pictures get me really excited.

I also appreciate the artistry in the photos. Aside from the outfits and the settings, I see how much work goes into the angles and the lighting. No one on the internet has pictures like you. The photos are so good I can imagine myself being there.

Some of my favorite photos are the ones that have sexy silhouettes, like:

Bathing with Silver 42

Purple Panties 22 (Silver)

Black Evening Dress 16, 25, 28 (Taylor- possibly my favorite photos, from an artistry perspective, with the mirror and silhouette)

I also really like the girl on girl photos. Seeing 2 beautiful women with their legs intertwined drives me crazy. It doesn't matter if it's 2 young women or a mature woman with a younger woman. Those sets are amazing. I even like it when there's a random glimpse of Sexy Sonia in a mirror of a photoset (or like Silver's photoset "Lingerie Picnic" where all you see are her gorgeous legs). It encourages my imagination of what she might be doing with the model off camera.

I have one question for you. After Sonia, my favorite models are Christine, Nasrin, Nika Parks, Silver and Yvonne. Any chance of you bringing any of them back any time soon?

Wishing you many more years of health and success.

With tremendous thanks,


Hi Sonia,
I've just rejoined and I must say, you are looking your Brigitte Bardot best in the first few sets I have opened in your panties section.  Wow ! You look gorgeous, I love your trimmed bush, I mean, I really love it, sooo sexy 🤪. I also really like that your nipples are erect, it makes me think you enjoy being ogled by your many fans. Your body continues to amaze me, you must work out very hard.  Thanks for being the sexiest lady in panties I have ever seen!  Don't you dare ever retire😁 . Thanks for the enjoyment you give me, and the fantasies I imagine . I love when you pull down your panties and smile at the camera, the quintessential tease Ms Bardot, lol. Keep up the sexy photo sets.
Love your work👌
Re: New Photo Set - Silky Vintage Negligee


I've just downloaded the photoset and yet again, it doesn't disappoint. You're getting more and more beautiful as time passes. You're absolutely stunning and you've got an amazing body. Thank you again for sharing your incredible beauty.



I have been with you on and off since 1998/99
I have always enjoyed your photo sets, your models, your personal models (the women you work with at the house).
Of course the stories are great!
But you are something else, very sexy, very sexy, very beautiful - don't tell Brad though LOL?

The clothes and accessories you wear or rather don't wear are presented well.

I have always loved your site.
I hope you are getting / have enough followers.

Your 'numberonefan'
Subject: Thank you!

Ya know, when I was 15 years old (1995) I discovered the internet along with some of your first photos.  I looked at your photos for years on and off. In my 20's, I was a member.  Now, I'm in my mid-30's and maybe once every few years I show someone (whenever I'm dating someone new) your web site, "Hey! *This* is the kind of attire I like!"

I have no idea if finding your site/treasure trove to the 15 year old boy shaped my tastes as an adult or not.  Regardless, I thought it would be at the very least entertaining for you to let you know that I've enjoyed your pictures immensely over the years. Thank you to the two of you! (I will assume there really is a husband and wife behind this!)  I realized tonight, as I was randomly perusing the internet, that it's been over 20 years. Time flies.

Hi Sonia,
Just a quick note to say that I've been a long-time fan and have recently re-subscribed to your website. In this ever changing world of internet based subscriptions, I'm sick and tired of the perceived notion that perfection of the female form is the Photoshopped nonsense that the internet spews out on a massive scale. It's so refreshing to visit your website and get back to reality.

You and your guest models, especially you, are the epitome of perfection and I applaud you for continuing your amazing work over the past years. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are like a good bottle of wine. You just keep getting better with age.

I've just browsed through your last three photosets since re-subscribing and what can I say? They're absolutely amazing as always.

Endless Summer Sunset really shows what amazing shape you're in and long may you continue to grace the internet with your knockout physical attributes. There are some really incredible shots where your calf muscles can really be appreciated.

Although there is only a small number of photos in Starry Night, in photo 09, you look so very incredibly beautiful, it's hard to convert to words.

Where do I start with Changing Bra & Panties? You seem to surpass each photoset with the next. Again in photo 08, your beauty is so off the scale, it can't be put into words and photo 24 just proves you're hands down the internet queen of the up-skirt shot. I just love that pose by you whether you're standing or kneeling. You absolutely own it and your calf muscles are again another stand out feature. My all-time favourite photoset is The Duck Pond from your early days and photos 02, 16, 24 and 36 are my all-time favourite shots. With 02, I think it's the first time I really saw your immeasurable beauty. 16 nailed the up-skirt shot. 24 showed the calf muscles and got me hooked on your absolute and indisputable sex appeal and 36 demonstrated what a perfect women should look like. And who didn't want to be absorbing the pressure of that heel on the wall?

I'm sure you get quite a lot of this nonsense on a regular basis but still, I'm sorry if all this seems a bit pervy. You are without a doubt, the most naturally incredibly beautiful women I've come across on the internet. Add your sexiness and confidence to that and you truly are female perfection without the aid of Photoshop.

I wish you success in the future and look forward to many more years of your amazing beauty.

Good Afternoon!
I can't tell you how excited I was to have stumbled across your web-site...again. I think I was a member during your first or second year (before this gray hair started to appear). Wow, I just love the work you guys do & to have kept at it is amazing...your wardrobe alone has to be big $$$. Your imagination is great and love the pictures, stories, and the models section as well.
Just had to drop you a line and let you know that I have found you once again!!!
You guys take care & have a great holiday season!
Hi Sonia/ Brad,
I regret to inform you that i will be canceling my membership at this time. I have followed Sonia and cannot tell you how much i truly enjoyed your website. I have joined and rejoined on numerous occasions, I am sure i will be back again one day,Thanks again.
Hi Sonia,

Hope things are going well.  Just a note to wish you  and Brad a Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Congratulations on the recent editions to your website.  I enjoyed the photo sets and I'm glad I recently renewed my subscription.  By the way, I was curious to know if you have ever considered chatting on-line through Yahoo  Chat.  This might be a nice feature to offer to your members.  I'm sure you are very busy.  However, this might be something you could offer to members where you would be available from time to time to visit on-line with your members.  Just a thought.

Shoot me an email when you have a chance.  I'd love to hear how things going.

Talk to you soon,
It took me long enough to decide to join...but now that I have, I wonder what the frig took me so long in doing so...what a fantastic site...the models are all beautiful: however, Sonia, you have them all beat by a country mile...from top to bottom, every inch of you...
Hi Brad/Sonia,

I always enjoy your photos....been a fan since you almost first started and every now and then I like to sign up for a bit and see what's new and go back to look at what's been around for a while.

Unfortunately it's time for me to close my account until next time I get that Sonia itch which has stayed with me through the years.

If you would please disable my account from renewal.

Thank you so much  :)

Hi Sonia & Brad,

Thank you for responding so quickly to my request for membership renewal.  I have successfully been able to access your website using my initial username and password and everything seems to be working perfectly. 

I've already enjoyed browsing through the newest beautiful photo sets and reading through some of the newer stories. I love your website.  Truly beautiful and classy.

Thanks again,
Hello Sonia.
I just came across your site for the first time earlier this afternoon. Sorry I can't remember where I linked in from. I like your site a lot and plan on becoming a member tomorrow. You are a very attractive woman (both face & figure). I also very much like the nature of your site. I've always preferred pictures of a great looking woman in short outfits and high heels. I think photos like that are much sexier than the blatant hard core stuff. You have a nice library of photos. I was wondering if you are still modeling for the pictures today or if they are what you've collected through time. It doesn't really matter, I was just curious. Well I just wanted to say hi. I'll be signing up tomorrow.
Hi Sonia and Brad,

I just want you both to know that I remember when you first came online and that gazing lovingly at Sonia has given me some of, if not the, best feelings of my life. Still every time I see her it does something special for me. I many times have prayed "O God!"

She is the fabulous, the heavenly, the divine, the adorable goddess, Sonia Dane. I consider it an honor to have had the honor of worshiping at the Shrine of Sonia.

Thank you and God bless you both for sharing God's greatest gift to man,
Hey Sonia....
I LOVE your site !!! All I can think to say is ...WOW !!! You are taking years off your partner's life hon !!! I particularly like the voyeur themes and would like to see more frames where you appear surprised, wide-eyed, because an intruder or peeping tom has gotten an eye-full .... Love your garters and nylons/high heels ... but you are devastating in pantyhose !!!! WOW !!!
xxoo Jerry

subject: WOW

Very happy I joined again last night... You look amazing. Truly! I think you actually get better as the years go on. You are an bsolutely beautiful and incredibly sexy woman. Brad has mastered the art of capturing your image in a way that conveys your sensuality and charm.
Love looking at you.

Thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry.  I appreciate you getting back with me and answering my questions.  After reading your reply, I registered with your site and purchased the Sonia's Briefs' - Volume 7 picture set.  Congratulations on the beautiful photos!  The download worked great and I received an email acknowledgement of my registration that included a receipt for my purchase.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be introduced to your site in this way, rather than purchasing a full subscription at this time.  However, that may be something I would be interested in doing in the future.  I assume since I submitted my email address, that I
should should anticipate receiving your email newsletter, is that correct?  Or is that something I should register for separately? (note from Brad: you will not automatically be added to Sonia's mailing list.  You can subscribe to the mailing list here)

Also, I noticed there is another email address listed on the website for Sonia.  I'd like to contact her to say "hello" and to let her know how much I appreciate the photos.

Thank you again for your assistance,
Sexy Sonia,
Am listing my favorite stories for you,
1) Bunkmates
2) He fills their needs
3) my sleepy mom
4) nighty wear
5) she's been alone too long
6) the bridge club
7) be careful what your wish for
8) mom's panties
Sonia I have a panty fetish for 50 years & still like the old style panties with double nylon gussets. I like garter belts & stockings. I love looking at you in your garter belts & stockings with sheer panties & bras. I was looking at photo shoots of you sweetie, & found a photo shoot where your panties were wet & that was awesome, mmmmmm. Sonia you are a very beautiful sexy lady,  & would love to spend some time with you, just talking. I feel like I can talk with you about anything & everything. Thank you for making me feel that relaxed. You are truly a polished diamond.
Hugs & kisses for you.  Love, Norm
RE: Mini-Skirt & Lace-Up Blouse

Dear Sonia,
All I can say is...HOT!!!
As always,
Re: Merry Christmas!!   Thank you Sonia

I would like to Thank You for the xmas e-card! You were one of two mas wishes cards I recieved this year. The other was from my landlord. Two kids and six grand kids, no word. Been on this earth and you made my day! Thank You Sonia and I hope you and Brad also had a wonderful xmas. I would so happily join you once again if my budget allowed me as I find you to be the most attractive woman I have seen in a long time!
Always a fan of yours,
RE: New Video - "Nightgowns & Panties"

Dear Sonia,
I loved the new video, so much so, that I will just get right to begging for a "Part 2"...PLEASE!  I also really enjoyed your latest photo set (Pearls & Pantyhose).  I have always had a thing for a woman in full length pantyhose.  That reminds me, I have been thinking of a couple new Julia series stories, and was wonsering if they still remain popular with your members.
Happy Holidays Sonia and Brad!
Subject: WOW

Hi there Sonia.
Joined  your site a few weeks ago, and just had to e-mail you and let you know how fantastic it is.  As so many of your subscribers have said, you have such a gorgeous smile, some fantastic lingerie  and a body to die for.. I just had to purchase a pair of your panties, and was not disappointed..  they were exquisite  with such a lovely fragrance. I must thank Brad for sharing the pictures of this beautiful Goddess.  And of course thank you Sonia for letting us view your stunning body and underwear. I most certainly will be dipping in and out of your site for a very long time.  Thank You. X
Re: New Video - "Nightgowns & Panties"

Hi Sonia,
Those panties your wearing are the best. So hot looking. Turns me on how tight they are and smooth and silky. Looking forward to more panty pictures of you. Bikinis , fullbacks. Wearing them tight and low, like straight across is hot. Accentuating your nice curves. Your fan,
Subject: Nightgowns, panties and.......!!!

Dear Sonia,
What a lovely Christmas present, you in nighties and panties, and for your neighbors too, no doubt, as you posed at the window as cars were driving past. Your breasts, with nipples erect, looked magnificent through the filmy fabric of your nightdress. And what joy as you slipped off your panties to reveal tantalizing glimpses of your beautifully cared for, "neat and tidy", feminine down. Saving the best till last was a real turn on as you caressed yourself through the gossamer silky material of your pink panties.  I was as aroused as you at the end of the video, need more be said except for more like this?
Re: Pearls & Pantyhose, Half-Slip & Heels

Hi Brad n Sonia
Please let go of my arm now. Uncle! Uncle! Okay, you've convinced me.
As soon as I get to my desk, I will print out the form, then get to  the post office. Look for my one year, $100 in the mail next week.
Nice job.
(Oh please, hurt me some more)
Hello Sonia,

 I am not a current member. I was a member for a short while but had to cancel my membership. You are on my friends list on Facebook.
Not sure if you remember me but I told you'd I'd love to draw an illustration of you. And I still would.  I think it would be great to draw a couple illustrations of you and you could maybe make them posters that you could sell to your fans on your site. If you have any images that you'd like me to draw let me know.

Sonia my darling

I have been with you on and off for many years.

For ALL of the websites that have come and gone and got folded into others, yours is outstanding.

I wish very much good luck to you and Brad...

...Thank you for the wonderful hours of entertainment you have given me over the many years...

Subject:  So beautiful and sexy

Hey there Sonia just dropped a line to say hi and thank you for keeping me up to date with your newsletters love them. I was just wondering if you could do some custom pictures for me for Christmas, have a few ideas and hope to hear from you soon
love your friend Corey xxx.
(message to Brad)

Just wanted to drop a note to say how big of a fan I've been for years now and you and Sonia's latest set does not disappoint.  I was curious to know what kind of pantyhose she is wearing in the set (note from Sonia: they are LaPerla).  They make her already sexy legs look even more phenominal.

Thanks for making another fantastic update.

I have an idea for a photo set that I would like you to consider.  I would like to see you and one of your friends ( I would prefer Nika or Silver, but I have no idea who would be available) sitting at a table playing poker.  Strip Poker of course!  You are both wearing dresses, seamed stockings, and sexy spiked heels.  I particularly enjoy the classic pumps you wear with the skyscraper heels.
You and your friend play out the hands of poker and gradually you both lose articles of clothing, until you are both down to your bra, garter belt, and satin panties.  The first one to lose their bra is the loser and has to submit to the winner.  Your friend gets the winning hand and  no sooner than you let your bra fall your friend is tying your hands behind your back and gagging you with a cloth.  Your friend leads you down the hall and the last we see is your lovely ass and stocking clad legs as the bedroom door goes closed.
Somewhat risque, but more suggestive than anything.  I hope you'll consider my suggestion.
I really enjoy your site.  I wish I could convince my wife to wear lingerie more often than once or twice a year.  She seems to thinks it's only for when she wants something out of me...
Hi Sonia,
I just purchased a pair of your sexy brief panties :)) I mentioned before about my favorite colors, pink, lavender(purple) & yellow sheer panties, I also like lflower & designed panties. I am so happy to be back on your site. Thank you & Brad for maintaining the integrity of your site. All the models you have photographed have been very beautiful & sexy as you are Sonia :)) thank you both for a
wonderful site.    Norm

PS your favorite perfume on your panties Thx :))
Hi Sonia!!
I Hope Your OK,  and Brad too,, this yr really flew by, not sure where it all went,,, I'm doing ok, and still exercising as much as possible, and another nuclear stress test the 28th with the cardiologist,,sigh sigh,,never dull,,,my son finished college with his masters in Business admin,, number 2 in his class,, very proud of him,, resumes are out, but nothing yet,, anyway, got to run, I just wanted to say Hi and Thank You So Very Much for answering me,, Even though I'm not a member, I STILL look in and see You,, You have been a Really Great Friend and Warm Loving Person,, Thank You For Allowing Me To Be Your Friend,,,, Brad Too,,,  Take Care and Be Safe,, Sending Hugs and Sunsets 
Re: Pearls & Pantyhose

Hi Sonia,
Yes, I did enjoy your new photo-set, but, I much prefer seeing you in fully fashioned nylons and garters, especially when worn with silky full cut briefs. I suppose you have to cater for all tastes within your membership but I would imagine that most prefer you in nylon stockings.
The photo I liked most was #33. Looking closely through the gossamer material it appeared that you had removed your feminine down altogether.  Have you ever done it for a photo shoot?  I hope you like your new panties which will need to be signed for on arrival. Looking forward to seeing more nylon and panty photos.
Love ,
Love your site greatly.....proof positive that ladies can be sexy without being crude.

Hi Sonia,
Thank you for sending the emails, this next payday, will be joining your awesome site again. My situation hasn't changed much, just miss the sexy photos & great stories. Have been thinking about buying a pair of your sexy brief panties also. I need to get the money together, since I'm on disability pay now. My favorite colors are pink, lavender & yellow sheer panties. I get emails to join other sites, yet I thought to myself if I join a site again it will be your site. Thank you for the enjoyment of the sexy hot photos of you & the sexy ladies you photograph.    

(after rejoining)
Hi Sonia :)
I have been looking through your photo sets, first you are a very beautiful sexy lady. I love the photo set Sheer Pink Temptation, you are so sexy & the pink garter belt & stockings are simply fabulous. I love your sexy pink lacy garter belt:) The sheer panties are mouth watering, yet you know I love sheer brief panties. Will continue to view all your photo sets & read all the stories posted. Thank you & Brad for your awesome site
                                       Love Norm

(and after purchasing my panties)
Hi Sonia,
I just purchased a pair of your sexy brief panties :)) I mentioned before about my favorite colors, pink, lavender(purple) & yellow sheer panties, I also like flower & designed panties. I am so happy to be back on your site. Thank you & Brad for maintaining the integrity of your site. All the models you have photographed have been very beautiful & sexy as you are Sonia :)) thank you both for a
wonderful site.    Norm

PS your favorite perfume on your panties Thx :))
Subject:  Pretty Panties & See-Through Babydoll

Dear Sonia,
What a beautiful set of photos and what an array of panties in your latest set!! As Brad said in Part 1, I imagined feeling and caressing the silky satin material on you curves. And what joy as you slipped the panties down your thighs, letting them fall around your ankles, and then slipping them off altogether to give a glorious view of your exquisitely coiffeured and trimmed nether region. I was fully aroused!!
You have asked for suggestions so how about a set of you taking off your panties in various locations, (as it's too hot to be wearing any anyway), the yard, the park, in the desert or any where that takes your fancy to arouse and excite. What are your thoughts?
Hi Sonia:
    It's good to hear from you and I have to say that you look fantastic and there are no adjectives in our English language that would be adequate enough to describe just how lovely you are.  You haven't changed a bit over the years and, in my humble opinion, you look even lovlier than ever.  Your site was the very first I ever visited and joined all those years ago and I appreciate you offer to rejoin.  Unfortunately I am unable to accept your kindly offer and must decline, tempting as it certainly is.  I do want to wish you and Brad a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  Please drop a line when time permits. 
Subject: See-Through Dress (part 1)

Sonia my love. I can not help but comment on your beautiful body and gorgeous looks. You know exactly what I love about a woman's sensuality and you don't even know me. I love your choices of underwear and lingerie,I have never cum across a website so compelling as yours and I thank you for that, I have been searching for a site like yours for a long time and finally I can stop searching, you absolutely fulfill my needs and I am in total envy of your husband. This photo set is yet again another beautiful display of your gorgeous self and again exactly what I love about your pictures. Don't get me wrong I love my wife dearly, and would love her to dress the same, but she is not into this sort of dress up, oh well, that is why I come to you, you satisfy the need for me. Thank you so much for replying to my emails it makes you that much more real and for that I am a longtime subscriber to your site.
Forever a friend
Subject: New Photo Set - Blue Half-Slip

Love that new photo set, gorgeous, please do another pantyhose set white or off white, no panties under the hose
Thank you Sonia for contacting me regarding the additions to your web site, and inviting me to re-join at your discount rate.  It has been a while since I have visited your site, but I want to let you know that I feel you have the very best site on the web for perverts like me.  I like the variety of different lingerie poses of you, and also the variety of models on your site.
I hope you and Brad have a pleasant holiday season, and a prosperous New Year!
I love your website
You do a great job - the website- you- 
you're husband - ( he's a big part of this too)
Very nice
Happy Holidays

Thank you Sonia. Love what you've done with the site, with all the updates and photos of you in sexy lingerie, just awesome. Especially love the stories too some remind me a lot of myself as I reealllly love lingerie if you know what I mean.   anyway maybe too much information but you are a woman of my dreams take care. Always a fan.
Hi Sonia,

Firstly, Happy New Year. May I say I have enjoyed my month's membership, and will certainly be returning every few months for your updates. You are the most feminine internet model I have ever seen! Always so well groomed and dressed (also undressed, lol). I love the fact that you are always smiling, to me it demonstrates you enjoy what you are doing, being sexy for your fans, which in turn makes seeing you all the more titillating. Many thanks. I am interested in purchasing your bikini panties, do you ship to Australia? If so, is the return address Phantom Technology, rather than Sonia Dane? (note from Sonia - I do ship globally, and the return address is from S. D. Enterprises)
My favourite photos are when you show your panties from behind with your head turned towards the camera, and, especially, when you pull down your panties facing the camera with a naughty smile......so sexy! Keep up the great work.
Many many thanks,
your Aussie fan Pete.
Subject: White Lace

As fresh and awesome as the very first photos of you!
Your picture of the day (sycan18) is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. What photoset is it from? (note from Sonia - it's from my Sycamore Canyon photo set) I actually can't believe I don't have the photoset. I know it's an early one due to the resolution. As always, you look absolutely stunning. I can't get over the fact that you are getting better with age. You never fail to amaze me. I love everything about you. I've been following and admiring you for years. None of the other models on Lingeriepass come close to you in terms of beauty, class or  sheer sexiness. You are the ultimate pinup! I love everything about you. You set the standard and I've yet to see any model that comes close to you. My favourite pictures of you are the up-skirt ones. After all these years, how do you still manage to pull it off? Anyway, keep it up and don't ever stop. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and an amazing New Year.
Subject: Hot For Teacher (part 1)
Dear Sonia,
I must say you are the absolute sexiest  fetish babe I have ever clapped eyes on, you tick every kinky box in the rainbow, big sexy love and naughty winks from Old Lundinium, keep on keeping on you sexy little minx, my biggest fantasy tug on the planet
Subject: Sonia's Thong Panties

I love to see you in thong panties. Especially underneath your sheer robe as in your Nightgown Morning photoset where your getting the paper. So beautiful and sexy.
I just joined your site the other day and I would like to let you know you look very pretty in all your pictures. I like how you are such a tease and the variety of poses and items you wear, you look great in all of them. I must say also that you have some very good looking Breasts they are the perfect size and love how your nipples look in your shoots. Keep up the quality good work.
PS i don't know if take requests but would have some if you do thank you.
Subject: Secretary's Satin Panties
EXTREMELY satisfying set. Than you so much to you and all of your models for giving me a LIFETIME of BONERS!!!!!
 Great pictures! I know your guest models cannot write back, but could you tell Alexis, I've been collecting her photos for many years and she is beautiful! Tell her thank you and I am her biggest fan.
You are so lovely I especially love you in your beautiful lingerie with the full back panties I think thongs are boring this is what brought me to your site. Keep up the great photos. Maybe you could do a set in full bak panties and pantyhose some time. ;-) xoxo

(I replied, telling Matthew about my Panties and Pantyhose photo set.  And he wrote...)
Thank you for the info. I went to the photo set called panties and pantyhose and immediately downloaded it please make more of these you are so sexy I dream of you. Thank you Sonia. Xoxoxo
Subject: Sheer Pink Nightie (part 1)

Wow this is Soooo hhhot... I have a new favorite set. Beautiful!!!
Subject: Baby Blue Babydoll

Hi Sonia,

Wow !!!  I'm not just commenting on this set, but all of them !! I love the way you smile at the camera with your cheeky  grin...just knowing how we men would be feeling if we were there. I have always had a fantasy about a woman teasing me while I watched...you would win hands down over any other internet model I have seen !! Thanks so much for the elegance, sexiness and...well, just you !

I particularly love the mirror shots, creates a voyeuristic feeling. Keep up the good work, and, thank goodness you don't have tattoo's and that you don't shave completely. Perfect ! And, since you were once a Kiwi, happy Anzac Day.

Many thanks and cheers

PS...I'm guessing it's really difficult to buy your lingerie at auction ?
Hi Sonia,

I just wanted to thank you for going with the suggestion I made a while ago about re-mastering your video clips to a higher quality.  The new clips are fantastic. I think the footage from 'PinkBabyDoll' where you're walking around in lovely nylon brief panties is possibly the best thing ever! Nylon brief panties are my 'thing' and on you they look fantastic. Please post lots more nice long videos of you wearing nylon brief panties.

Talking of ideas for videos (how's that for a seamless link!), I would love to see a video of you converting a friend to the delights of nylon brief panties and stockings after your friend sees your panties and stockings on the washing line. She would be surprised that you wear 'granny panties' rather than thongs or g-strings. You tell her good they feel and how sexy they can be and eventually she agrees to be dressed in stockings and brief panties and then you both discuss how good they look and feel. I realise that finding a suitable 'friend' and making the film might be difficult but I would be happy to pay to watch it and I'm sure many of your other members would be too.

Even if you can't make such a film please keep up the good work - your site is excellent.
Dear Sonia,
Well looks like Brad did it again. The Washing Windows was one thing, gezzzzzzzzzzzz. Got to keep you off those ladders, there goes those calf muscles again, wow! But?? "Hot for Teacher"????????????????? Your killing us here Brad. Nice job Sonia, as always, and to you too Brad.
Just wanted to tell you that picture 37 in your PanTease photo set could possibly be the HOTTEST picture of you I have  seen since I have been a member. I love the stocking and shoe color, and the blue panties sliding down your legs, ooh baby you are fine.

Ps keep up the great work, and keep the great photo sets coming in.
Brad / Sonia,
By my observation, in addition to the expanded content, the new server is also BLOODY FAST!!! Images don't scroll to the screen; they appear more as pop ups. VERY COOL!
Hi Sonia;   

Your new website is great, I like the daily pics &  the videos, keep up the great work. The sheer & the see thrus are great, the whole site has been greatly improved & your  pics are alway great. Would like to see Christine, Silver & the other girls do some videos. Also, I  liked to read your letters you recieved???? You & Brad have done a super job on the site.
Love the pics, member since 1997, 
Al from Canada

Having just ogled your most recent Hot Teacher set of pics, I have come to the realization that I am in dire need of some close personal tuition...  Just kidding, but we can all fantasize, can't we?  But may I remark again on how great you look in a girdle -- or out of it, for that matter!
Many thanks for making my morning again,
Dear Sonia,
Congratulations on celebrating 15 years on the web.  You are truly like a fine french wine that gets better with age!  I think it was around 2006 that I discovered your fantastic site.  Pretty in Pink was a hot photo set for kicking off your celebration.  I look forward to seeing what other vintage photo sets you will be posting.
Your friend and fan,
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