The Appeal of Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings

Written by a true lover of RHT nylons

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"I have always loved RHT stockings"

I have always loved RHT stockings, particularly poking through open toed shoes or sandals. As you know, many so-called contemporary fashion experts tell women these days to buy 'nude-toe' stockings because RHT stockings, they say, are ugly or tacky. In fact, CNN did a consumer segment on nylons about a year ago, and, among other things poked fun at reinforecd toes (ie. "aye, my toes are a different colour from the rest of my feet"!). They also evaluated the new form of "no toes" stockings to wear with sandals, so it looks like the woman is not wearing stockings at all because her toes are uncovered. <Shriek!> Of course you and I know reinforced toes are the sexiest part!

"I cannot believe that I'm alone in this!"

I can't believe that I'm alone in this! I have been told this fetish for RHT stockings is one of a kind! I have collected nylons for years and am always looking for reinforced heels and toes that are very dark and contrast with the leg. I have also noticed a move in the fashion world to eliminate the so called ugly or tacky reinforced toe. If we go back to the '50s, women wore open toed mules with RHT stockings for all to see and it was not considered ugly.

"I love those reinforced toes"

I love those reinforced toes! Too bad the trend seems to be away from them. It wasn't enough to make "sandal toe" hose, now they're coming out with a new pantyhose which has the toe section cut out altogether... probably the result of the preoccupation with feet that is rampant in the media today in America. They think it is sexier to expose the toes, but I feel just the opposite, and I'm sure you would agree...

There is a preoccupation in magazines about showing actresses with exposed feet. What's with that? Is this a new form of foot fetish? But of course, of course, none of these women are ever shown in stockinged feet. Although at one time - perhaps as recently as five years ago - some would have been so depicted. I think this, unfortunately, is because current fashion trends consider it gauche to show exposed feet in RHT stockings.

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