- true first-time experience - sharing how playing with his mother's panties got him hooked on the pleasures of masturbating with women's silky nylon brief panties.

First Time Brief Panties Experience

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I appreciate the mysterious quality of a women's most private parts being hidden by the diaphanous fabric of her panties. Gynecological view of a women's anatomy (although a turn on), does not really hold the level of eroticism I find in a women hidden behind her lacy frilly silky sexy undergarments.

I have been playing in women's panties since I was 15 years old. It was only my own initiative that got me into such an activity. Although one of my biggest fantasies is to have a women force me into her most private undergarments, it was my own idea to try my Mom's panties on that fateful day.

I had come home from school to an empty house fully intending to jerk off to the hidden Playboy magazines my dad had in his nightstand. However, bored with the idea, my mind drifted back to a day earlier in the week where I had been helping my Mom fold the laundry (I had no sisters growing up). I distinctly remember how silky the nylon of my Mom's brief panties felt in my hands as I helped her with the folding.

In an inspirational burst I decided not to grab the Playboy magazines from my Dad's nightstand, but to run to the hamper and grab a pair of my Mom's silky nylon panties. I found a beige pair of nylon tricot panties with a frilly lace panel on each hip. I was in the bathroom and dropped my pants to my ankles and pulled my plain white cotton boyish briefs down my thighs. My boyish dick was already starting to rise with the anticipation of the erotic taboo act I was about to perform.

I held the panties across the front, and rubbed the silky nylon of the front panel across the sensitive underside of my stiffening cock and across my balls. I was instantly hard, experiencing an erection like I have never had before. Before I realized what I was doing, I had completely removed my pants and stepped out of my white cotton underwear. As I watched myself in the mirror, I pulled my Mom's silky brief panties up my thighs and over my straining member.

I was a skinny little kid at the time and my body was basically swimming in a sea of feminine frilly silky brief panties. The sensation of nylon on my ass, balls and cock was INCREDIBLE!!! I looked in the mirror both ashamed and excited at the taboo nature of the act I was engaged in. The site of my hard dick tenting out the front of these beige panties was so alluring, I could hardly imagine a more splendid sight.

I quickly adopted a method in which I grasped the base of my erect penis and began sliding my cock back and forth inside the silk prison of these panties. I combined this with a constant fondling of my ass and balls through the silky sheer feminine material of the panties. The sight and sensation was too much to take for my newly initiated body. I shuddered with the force of my orgasm, releasing jet after jet of cum into my Mom's panties. The force the orgasm causing my knees to buckle.

I looked down at my handiwork and was rewarded with the site of my hard cock slowly shrinking. This was visible through the cum soaked fabric of the panties that had become translucent with the wetness of my sperm.

I sat there in a daze recalling how the sensation of her silky full cut nylon brief panties against my turgid little teenage pecker was electrifying. I shot the most satisfying load of my life on that day, and I have been hooked on brief panties ever since. I love to wear panties all the time under my regular clothes, and I also love to see and play with other women in panties too. I also love to hear about other guys, and how they got into panties (first time experiences especially) as well as what they like to do in their panties now.

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