Photo Set #21 - Sonia's Bikinis
Hi Sonia;

I just saw the "White Nylon Briefs" and loved them.  You are one classy lady and you have the best site on the 'net.  Is there any way I can convince you to part with the briefs you wore in these movies? Please!

Are you considering making videos at any time because they will sell for sure.

Finally, I just downloaded the Bikinis Photo Set #21 and was wondering if any of the bikinis you wore in this set were available.

Thanks ever so much

Hi Sonia,
Love the new expanded site. More photo sets is always a good thing! You and Brad are to be commended!

Thanks also for putting up your Sonia's Bikinis photo set. This is my all-time favorite photo set and I'm glad everyone else is getting a chance to see what I think is your sexiest series of photos. Of course, I have a "thing" for bikini panties, so I'm a little biased ;)

The first photo in this set (bik01) was the photo that compelled me to buy my first Sonia photoset! To this day, I think that this photo of your beautiful, PERFECT round ass in those sexy black bikini panties is still my absolute favorite photo. It really captures the essence of what I find so incredibly sexy about women's panties, and seeing a beautful woman like yourself wearing them. I have told you before that seeing your ass in panties is like looking at a fine work of art; well, this photo, Sonia, should be hanging in the Louvre! I'm not sure that I could adequately explain to someone, if asked, why I am so turned on by women's panties, but I could certainly point to this picture of you in your panties as an explanation. In this case, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words!

Thanks again, Sonia, for sharing your beauty with the rest of us!

Dear Sonia,
I downloaded your Bikini's Vol 2 photo set today and I must say, you really read my mind! After getting your last bikini panties set, I really wished that there were more pictures availible of you wearing satin bikini panties, and the new set didn't disappoint :)
I also downloaded the white pantyhose set, and I really enjoyed these pictures as well. I particularly like the photos of you in the white satin skirt: it's a terrific look for you. Once again, very nice job!
Take Care,
Bret ;)
Subject:       Sonia's Bikinis
The authorities will be knocking at your door any minute and charging you with trying to kill me!!! WOW!  Love the photo set!  Well it looks like I will finally get some work done, I won't be able to get up for quite sometime.
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