Photo Set #32 - Breakdown Part 1
Subject:  Breakdown
Any time you want to break down in the Seattle area give me a yell, I'm no white knight, but I think I can manage a rescue or two for a damsel in distress. I love the pics, you have a great body, and I love that you put a theme to your erotic photos. Thank you. Please do more. jon
I have just taken anotherlook at 'blue slip', 'Sonia's panties' and 'Breakdown 1'. They are really beautiful and anybody not in your membership zone should be encouraged to join
I loved your Breakdown pictures, since one of my favorite pastimes is "catching" nicely dressed ladies in awkward positions which show more than intended!
Best wishes,
Re: Breakdown Part 1
    This is one of the best picture sets yet!!!!   Just a few comments:
1.  In that outfit you would never be standed on a lonely stretch of roadway, that's for sure.
2.  I am really SAD that I was not traveling that stretch of road when you were there.
3.  One of the photos makes it very obvious that you are not built to slide under a car.  A lot of women could have slid under that car, but you have a couple obstacles in the way, hehehe.
4.  Can't wait for Breakdown Part 2, it can only get BETTER!!!

(This is a funny commentary, from a satisfied customer, about my new BREAKDOWN series!)


Local area fire fighters were called to a fire scene early this morning to hose down a resident who, apparently, burst into flames. Questioning the victim fire investagators learned that the 55 year old man had been looking at a series of photos entitled, "BREAKDOWN". The photos depict the plight of a young woman whose BMW breaksdown on a lonely, country road. Apparently, the victim's body temperature increased to the point where he burst into flames as he viewed the pictures. Fire fighters required the use of 57 gallons of water to restore normality to the situation. Suffering only scortched clothing and an erection, the victim was treated and released at the scene. In other news, local area residents will have an increase in their water bills.........

Congrats Brad & Sonia....GREAT series of photos! Nice to see Sonia's face.

The Old Fart in West Chester 

I just wanted to send an echo to the customer comment by Dave concerning the quality of your erotic images. In this regard, I much prefer the softer approach, even among your images, and thought I'd convey this. To me, the "Breakdown 1" sequence, and the new "Hard at Work" are the finest of your sets, along with the various slip sets (although they are not out in public).  Very classy indeed.

...I find myself most intrigued and enticed by images of scenes which come closest to what I have seen in real life--you know, caused by a woman's carelessness, or being oblivious to her underwear showing...The first image in "Hard at Work" really got to me with your slip showing just bit. Later, of course, I learned it was not an everyday slip, but a special transparent one. In moving images around on floppy disks, I put together a set of images from "Hard" which are completely those coming closest to seeing a woman careless at work. Wow, is that sequence something else!

Hi Brad:

Received the new CD yesterday and everything is working fine.  Don't know what was wrong with the first one, but my system read this one and ACDSee opened all the files.  I like having each of the photo set files in separate folders.

I notice that you also included the .exe files for ACDSee.  I had already downloaded and installed the 32-bit version, and then saved the file on a floppy.  But it is good to have another backup copy.  Thanks.

I want to commend you and Sonia for the excellent attention you give to customers.  Your prompt response to my CD problem and diligence in resolving it is very much appreciated.  I had made a passing reference to the problem when I joined the Membership Zone, and Sonia also inquired about it when she sent me an e-mail confirming my membership.  It is a pleasure doing business with you, and I will be ordering another CD of photo sets right after the New Year.

I will send an e-mail to Sonia commenting on the photo sets, but will also tell you they are beautiful.  I especially like Sycamore Canyon, Hard at Work, and the 3-set Breakdown.  Very sexy and alluring!

Thanks again!   Joe

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