Photo Set #43 - Love in an Elevator 2
Hey Sonia-
Just wanted to drop you a note and say hello.  I have been enjoying your site tremendously!  I purchased a few of your previous sets, and I continue to be impressed with how sexy you are!  I have a particular affinity for legs and bottoms, and let me tell you that you show off what you have quite well!  I think I mentioned in an earlier e-mail that your 2nd set of elevator pics are wonderful, but in case i didn't, WOW!  I also enjoyed the grocery store pics, I have have fantasized about being teased by a sexy woman in the market, and you pics fit the bill perfectly!!  Thanks again, and I will look forward to more!
Dear Sonia,
All I can say is that your remarkable beauty continues to amaze me.  Your photos not only capture your elegant feminine beauty but your unmistakable charm and grace.  Your panty sets and the love in the elevator series are superb.  I particularly love how Brad has been able to frame the curving sweep of your silken thighs as they flow into your taut, firm, derriere.  You have a gorgeous smile and one of the most amazing feline figures.

Hi Sonia,
The new (Love in an Elevator) sets are amazing!  Would love to have been a security guard on duty watching you in that elevator on a closed circuit video security system.  Ouch !
Keep it up!!
Love ya!

Hi Sonia,
Thank you for your patience and time yesterday. 'Love in an Elevator 2' downloaded beautifully and the series thrilled me. I absolutely love white lingerie and when the body is as shapely as yours there is wonderment!  Among the pictures are a perfect upskirt and some perfect pictures of your breasts and bottom.  It was also nice to see your pretty face a few times...
Love, Michael

If I were talking to you, I'd be speechless. ...I've been ordering quite a few of your photo sets recently and each one is more awesome than the last.  I just can't believe what an incredible job you and Brad have done in setting up photos that capture what one would hope to witness by accident. Your photos just don't titillate... they out and out drive me wild. The whole elevator series is amazing... the fact that you went so far with the danger of someone (some very fortunate someone) happening to request the elevator while you shot your pictures is just mindboggling.  I plan on purchasing a great many more of your sets.  I look forward to each and every one of them.  Many, many thanks for sharing your beauty, Sonia... and you are incredibly beautiful with a body to match. I just can't wait to see what you have in store next.
- Glen
Hi Sonia!
I've recently bought two of your photosets (the Elevator sets) and I would just like to send you a note of appreciation.  I find your style of pictures *very* sexy, and I'm glad that you feel you can share them with us.  I shall certainly be making other orders in the future.  Well, thanks for taking the time to read this, Sonia.  Give my best to Brad (he sorted out my download problem *very* quickly, for which I am most appreciative)
Best Regards.
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