Photo Set #53 - Sonia Strips 2
Dear Sonia,
     Hello there.  I just downloaded your photo set Sonia Strips 2, and it was even more than I expected.  The picture of you taking your jacket off in front of the mirror, with TWO images of you in bra, mini half slip, stockings, and high heels, is awesome -- one of the sexiest pictures I've ever seen anywhere!  You are extremely beautiful and sexy, and your husband Brad is very fortunate.
     Nothing is sexier than a woman in her brassiere and half slip, with high heels.  I LOVE when a woman wears a half slip under her miniskirt.
     Thanks very much and God bless you all.
Yours truly,
I just spent some time on #53-Sonia Strips 2.  It is a joy to see you wearing you pretty half slips. You look so beautifull in those danty slips.  Maybe you could add a few more.  As much as I love to see you in your silky panties I also love you in your half slips.
 thanks for your time
Slip        a slip & panty lover
Dear Sonia,
It is difficult to find words to describe the photo set 'Sonia Strips 2.'  There are a particular few that show a beautiful body clad in the most wonderful lingerie and lovingly photographed.  This is arousal material in its purest form.  I love them!
Hi Sonia,
I have just downloaded the strip2 photoset and loved it;  the upskirt shot is unbelievable.  This is the third set I have bought and I have not been dissapointed.  My best pics are the "discreet" upskirt shots.  I'll be looking forward to seeing more in the future.  by the way you have the best legs in the world.
p.s.  I am looking forward to seeing your friends (Taylor and Silver) pages up and running. And could you tell them how stunning they look and may I suggest some upskirt pics from them.

Hi Sonia and Brad,
I am the one who wrote last week about the mix-up in downloading the different Sonia Slip sets.  I got the right one this week, and I am not at all disapointed.  The photo set Sonia Slips 3 is better than I had expected.  I think my favorite so far are the set of five from Sonia strips 2.  I open the 5 pictures at the same time and scroll through them in order, and its like I am there with Sonia.  Sonia, saying that you look GREAT, is real close to an insult.  Brad you are doing a fine job behind that camera.  If you ever come to the East coast and need an extra photographer, let me know I'll be glad to help.  Thanks for sharing Sonia with us.
Ya'll have a good day
Most Greatful
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