Sonia Ties Up Silver
Dear Sonia,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my emails personally - you really are a sweetie!

I spent an enjoyable hour or so browsing through the Customer Comments section of your (fabulous!) website - which also prompted me to purchase another few of your photosets, namely Sonia Ties Up Silver, Black Beauty and Pink Panty Playin' 1 & 2, and then viewed them in that order (with mounting excitement!) I loved each and every picture - and every set showed a different side to you and I'm still amazed how you continue to look so stunning in every single outfit, position, location etc etc...!

I just can't find enough superlatives to describe you Sonia. You truly are unique. Your photos are undoubtedly sexy but there's more to them that just that. You exude sensuality, eroticism and above all FUN! Top marks also of course to Brad - firstly for marrying such a treasure as you in the first place, but also for taking such wonderful pictures. As a photographer myself I appreciate how difficult it can be to capture the "essence" of a person - not just how they look but how they ARE, in other words to portray their personality in the picture as well. Brad manages this time after time (thankfully!) and it's a real delight for us viewers.

You strike me as being a very lovely person in "real life" and obviously enjoy your photo sessions, all of which helps to produce the magical pictures we see.

I don't mean this to be a gushing list of superlatives, but I just wanted (again!) to put finger to keyboard and let you know how much I (and thousands) of others appreciate the work that you both put into your site. Every time I go on (which has now become EVERY DAY!) I seem to find something new. Yesterday it was your interview with Panty Play magazine and it was wonderful to learn a bit more about Sonia Dane - The Person! I was particularly excited to read your "wild" tale of sex in the sea (I conjured up some magnificent pictures in my mind here!) but my imagination ran into overdrive thinking about your other wild adventures which you couldn't disclose!!!!!! (I wouldn't tell anyone - honest!!)

Anyway Sonia, I'd better go. Love everything you do and long may you continue to do it!

Love from
Andy xx
(Thought I was No.1 UK Fan but now seems like I have some stiff competition!)

Re:  Sonia Ties Up Silver
Thanks again for the sexy pictures! Both you and Silver are looking extremely hot. I love your outfit and would love to see more of it. I especially love your thong. It really shows off your gorgeous ass.
I just saw your photo set with silver . i loved it. you taking off her dress and pulling up ser slip. I wish more women would wear slips with there dresses and would wear garterbelts and stockings. I love them. Seeing them on women. That's all for now.
The latest barrage of updates to the membership zone are mesmerizing.  You are just so beautiful.  I can't get enough of your beautiful legs & stockings.  The pink stockings are wonderful & get more than a raise.  Can you say staying at attention?

Look forward to many more fine updates.  I especially love the latest black stockings shoots.  Always love to see other colors, blue, green etc.  The spanking set is spectacular.  How 'bout you being the dominatrix?

Keep up the great work...

Sonia Ties Up Silver---Your best effort yet!!!! I love your site!!!  Keep up the good work, Brad and Sonia---Will be joining the membership zone this week. Thanks.
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