Photo Set #89-Lingerie Shopping
You are gorgeous. Love the stockings and the see-through panties! Wow. In fact, I'd love to see you that suit and shoes! Wow. Where do you shop? I want to hang out. You're the tops.

Hi Sonia -
Love your site.  Especially liked your lingerie shopping series.  Where did you shoot that and where do you shop for your lingerie?
-- from Sonia: Lingerie Shopping, Lingerie Shopping 2, and The Dressing Room, were all shot at Playmates in Hollywood California.
Dear Sonia,
Just wanted to tell you that your blackboots2 is out of this world. You should have more sets with your panties down. You're beautiful there .. :-). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely lust over your panties and lingerie. You wear the best. Would be better when you peel them off too.

I have been a memeber of your site for the best few years.. I still adore and lust over you each time I login. Do you ever meet your fans? I would love to see you in person. When is the next time you go to Vegas?  I go there frequently too.

Loved your lingerie shopping, office work, and any shots of you getting out of cars.. :-).. Love your short skirts.. make them shorter :-)..

Dear Sonia,
Received photosets 89 & 146 last Sunday and immediately saved them on disk.  You are absolutely gorgeous and the "style" of photos is superb; I think that Brad and I have very similar tastes.

In set 146 (Office Tease 2) the high heels and tan coloured, fully fashioned nylons looked very sexy, as do your beautiful, full breasts and erect nipples.

Set 89 (Lingerie Shopping) was even better. This set contained some of the best "Up-Skirt" photos I have seen. The ones of you squatting down in the lingerie store to reveal your stocking tops, garter straps and very sexy sheer, white, nylon panties made me cum like crazy. The sheer nylon crotch clinging to your p---y and showing your neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair, is soooo erotic.

Many thanks again; I will order more soon, maybe this afternoon.

                              Love and best wishes,

I have just recently joined your membership zone. What can I say? except maybe I have finally found THE website that caters for my every need. You are stunning and the way you dress and present yourself is utterly amazing.  Your husband must wake up every morning thinking he's just won the lottery :-)

I've downloaded all of the available photosets already and I have to say if I was forced to pick a favourite it would have to be the "Business or Pleasure" sets, but then again I love the "Who's the Boss?" set. On the other hand I absolutlely adore the sets where you are outside, especially the "Lingerie Shopping" set. Oh hell, I love them all !!.

I can't wait to see what you are up to (and wearing!) in the next photoset, do you know when you'll be releasing it?
Best wishes

Hi Sonia,
Wow. I was so surprized and pleased at the latest addtion to the stories section from Stocking Smitten Too. If you remember I wrote and the original "The Tests" under the Stocking Smitten name last summer. I'm very excited that my piece was so well regarded and inspiring to Stocking Smitten Too.

Also, yourlatest "Getting a Raise" I and II were fantastic. The best since last summer's "Lingerie Shopping".
Jim S

Dear Sonia,
I'm Vince from Los Angeles and I have been a member for a couple of years and have really enjoyed your site and service.  You and Brad just keep getting better and better.  Brad's photography gets better and you get more lovely and sexxxxy.  I just checked and I have 52 of your photo sets and am really enjoying them.  The thing that makes the recent ones so much more special is that we see so much more of your face and smile.  "Lingerie Shopping" and "Decorating" are really wonderful.  But "Night Shift," "Who's The Boss," and "Getting a Raise" are definitely your best.  For us old farts who have spent our careers in offices, you are our fantasies come true.
 I just downloaded two of your sets "the boss" and when you go "shopping".  I downloaded the pictures here in my office and I honestly think I made a mistake by doing so.  I just can't stop playing with my (bodypart deleted) at work while knowing I have pictures of you on my hard drive.
Thanks Jim
Dear Sonia and Brad
I have been a member for just over three weeks and I just had to tell you what a wonderful site you have developed. The photo quality and themes are superb.  It is remarkable to see how Sonia's confidence has grown over time.  Sonia has become more beautiful in each of her photo shoots.  Her sweet, demure, smile and beguiling allure radiate from the screen. The wonderfully teasing glimpses of Sonia's feminine essence found in the Lady in Red and Lingerie Shopping sets are fabulous.

For all those who love to see long, sensual, limbs encased in nylons and pantyhose, or revel in glimpse of shimmering, silken, panties peeking out from under short tight skirts, this site is the best on the net.

Thank you both, but particularly Sonia, for having the courage and confidence to allow, we your devoted fans, to experience the true beauty that is found in a gorgeous woman sharing intimate insights into her sensuality and inner strength.

The "Boss Lady", &"Lingerie Shopping Trip" I found to be very sexy, and the photos really do you a lot of justice. The tan colored stockings and the sheer black ones are great and I really love the shots of you stepping out of the car. I really think you have one of the sexxiest sites around...
Thanks again & please stay in touch....
Just wanted to say hi, and tell you how much I enjoy your pictures and site.  I especially like you in dark stockings such as your lingerie shopping pics.  Keep up the good work on your site, and take more sexy pics, your getting me hooked.
(Note from Sonia: This message has such glowing compliments, I almost hesitated to use it on this page because it sounds like the writer must be on my payroll :-)  But I assure you, this was unsolicited!  I think I must have the best and sweetest visitors of anyone on the internet.  Thank you all.) ----------------------------- Hi Sonia,
What can I say.  You and Brad just keep getting better and better.  Brad's photography gets better and you get more lovely and sexxxxy.  I just checked and I have 48 of your photo sets and am really enjoying them.  The thing that makes the recent ones so much more special is that we see so much more of your face and smile.  "Lingerie Shopping" and "Decorating" are really wonderful.  But "Night Shift" and "Who's The Boss" are definitely your best.  For us old farts who have spent our careers in offices, they were our fantasies come true.

In "Boss," you had such a different look with your hair up and glasses.  I had to look twice to recognize you, and then you had that wonderful and distinctive smile and you were all Sonia.  But the thing that makes your sets so special is that you and Brad are having such a wonderfully good time.  Part of the fantasy is that we all would like to be in Brad's place as the photographer.

I am also enjoying the member's area.  You make the cost so worthwhile by placing both some of your new sets and also some previous sets.  It is really worth the cost.  And the automatic renewal is great because I don't have to renew and I can cancel easily if I want to.

And a note to Brad.  Model's from other sites hesitate to bill to credit cards and download because of problems.  But YOUR SYSTEM WORKS PERFECTLY EVERY SINGLE TIME.  And I know that if I ever had a problem, you would be right on it to make it right.

My best wishes for your continued success.
Love, Vince

Hi Sonia!! I m just now getting over the holidays and getting bills paid!!  I'll be ordering some more photo sets (hot pink, lingerie shopping, and night shift) really caught my attention!!  I d like to put these on a CD-ROM with a couple from your friends Silver, Christine, and Taylor!  Hope you are all doing well!
I'm a new member and wanted to say the photos are excellent, especially the upskirt shots contained in Lingerie shopping and Nightshift.  Hope there are more like those in the future.
Just wanted to let you know photos are of good quality and content.
Dear Sonia,
       Your lingerie shopping photo set is wonderful, your legs are the best I have ever seen.  In some of the photos, there is another woman who also looks like she has a great pair of legs herself, especially with the color hose she has on in the photos.  Who is this sexy woman and are we going to be able to see more of her in your photos or even some of her own?
(note from Sonia:  the other woman is Christine)
Hi Sonia and Brad,

I just downloaded your photoset "Lingerie Shopping"

Wow!!........the BEST photo set I have ever seen, and I am now the proud owner of several of your photosets.  I wondered how you could improve on perfection, but you did it........a great effort Brad, how the hell can you keep your mind on the job??

Sonia is no doubt THE most beautiful woman on the 'net today, who again proves that scantily clad women in sexy lingerie are much better looking than nudity.

Good job all round.......can't wait for your next offering.

Kind regards,

Hi Sonia, just saw your new photo set, Lingerine Shopping, it is so sexy, love seeing you in garters and stockings.  Keep up the good work!!!  Take Care!!!
Dear Sonia,
Very nice new photos (Lingerie Shopping).  To bad I can't go shopping with you!  But who ever is, is very lucky!!!!!  I would NOT mind shopping with you at all.
Again, GREAT work!!

                   Still A Big Fan


I looked through your lingerie shopping set this morning and it's outstanding!  I love seeing a beautiful woman like yourself, with the confidence in your beauty, in a public venue like that.  I just wish I was in that store when you came in!  :)

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your next update.

I really like your photo set "lingerie shopping".  The stockings you are wearing are the prettiest I've seen on your legs yet.  It was very erotic to have you pull up your skirt above your see through panties in order show a glimpse of your bush.  I hope you will do more of this in the future. Thanks
I just checked out your "Lingerie Shopping" photoset.  Wow!!!  Numbers 11 and 17 are my favorite pictures.  Boy, I could look up your skirt all day and not get tired.  Thanks.
Re:  Lingerie Shopping
Very Nice! Love those patent pumps!
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