Photo Set #90-Hot Pink
Sonia: Hi, just a short note to let you know that your pictures are a constant part of my day; especially the one of you sitting cross-legged in sheer white top and tweed skirt ("Tweed-2"). That picture and "Vegas-1" are my favorites!!  Phrases like; "Perfection in nylon", "Full figured Goddess", and "Absolute Vixen" come to mind when I'm looking at your many pictures of loveliness; such as "Hot Pink", "Backyard-2","Sheer Blue","Sheer Blouse-1, & "Full Slip".  You are truly the ultimate in womanhood. You seem to have a great deal of intelligence and business sense, unlimited self confidence and daring, style, class, and eyes that would melt a mans heart, as well as a body that surely drives men wild!!!  Sincerely, and with the utmost respect and admiration;
P.S.: I love the pink panties in "Driveway". You little Vixen, you even make my tongue hard!! Stay well (and sexy)
Just when I thought your pics could not get better than Tweed Skirt 2 and Night Shift, you trot out Who's the Boss. What a set of pictures!  I'm just not sure what it is about you, but you keeping getting more and more inciting with every picture set.  The Who's the Boss set has you looking better than ever and the poses are mind-boggling.  I'd give anything just to run my hand down the back of your legs just to feel the tautness of your calves and the silky smoothness of your nylons -- These new pictures give so much fuel to that desire. Thank you.

Once again, thanks from a long time admirer. I'm so happy I think I'll order your pink set... right now.
Both of you take care,

Hello Sonia,
How are you doing?? Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed viewing your zip files..."Hot Pink" "Stairway To Heaven" and "Tweed Skirt 2"

You are so gorgeous, and have an exceptionally nice, full ass.  Thanks for the updates and I thoroughly enjoy viewing you and feeling my (explicit description deleted) thicken as I go from frame to frame...

Thanks once again for keeping me posted.

Hi Sonia,
Just ordered Hot Pink. It's a very HOT photo set, thank you so much!  And congrats for being on the web for two years, I love your site very much, it's GREAT.
Love Christopher
You sure look hot in that pink outfit (Hot Pink).  Wish I could see more of you in pink. Hmmmmmmm you look goooooooooood.

Hello again Sonia,
You looked very pretty in that pink dress (Hot Pink).  But you really look good in anything you wear!  I want to ask you something if I may.  Do you work out?  You have the most perfect body.  And your legs are WITHOUT flaw.  I hope you don't mind my asking.  Again nice work.  But, it always is!!
Hello Sonia,
Ohhh My!! I cant even began to tell you how lovely you looked in your Hot Pink!! Will you marry me??...J/J..:-)
Thank you for the lovely pic set.  You are so photogenic!!!  Take care love.
Hi Sonia!! I m just now getting over the holidays and getting bills paid!!  I'll be ordering some more photo sets (hot pink, lingerie shopping, and night shift) really caught my attention!!  I d like to put these on a CD-ROM with a couple from your friends Silver, Christine, and Taylor!  Hope you are all doing well!
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