Photo Set #107-The Dressing Room

Hi Sonia -
Love your site.  Especially liked your lingerie shopping series.  Where did you shoot that and where do you shop for your lingerie?
-- from Sonia: Lingerie Shopping, Lingerie Shopping 2, and The Dressing Room, were all shot at Playmates in Hollywood California.
Re: Orders not received...
Wow I am totally impressed with the customer service!!
Oh and I wish you would do a whole series (Sonia) of that clear plastic bra in "dressing"
Just some customer feed back !!
Re:  The Dressing Room
What a lovely set and it looks like you had a blast trying on those clothes.  Thanks for sharing this with all of us.
Hi Sonia
While the dressing room scene is terrific, the pic of your legs while bending over in Las Vegas in a Girdle is my ultimate favourite.
Re: Dressing Room
I have to say how great I thougth you looked in the latex dress. They must have been the best pictures since the leather set some time ago.  Thank you for the site.  It is my No 1 to visit.
Re:  The Dressing Room
Dearest Sonia:
The Free Pic of you standing in the dressing room door took my breath away.  I had a "one gun" salute pointed in your direction in less than ten seconds.  A RECORD!  Thank you for being you.
Re: The Dressing Room
Dear Sonia,
Thanks again for being so beautiful.  You make my day and make my heart flutter.
Thanks again,
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