Photo Set #114-Jacuzzi Strip
Subject:  Jacuzzi Strip

Hi Beautiful Sonia,
I think this photoset, has been one of the best of you in the last time. In this one, you have given to us the oportunity to admire ALL YOUR MAGNIFICENT BODY from all angles and as I told you before, you have a very dream body. As always for me, your rear view is the best of the best and I was fascinated viewing the photos # 24, 26, 32, 38, 43 all of them, seeing your fantastic bottom.

Again, beautiful as always.

Greetings From México,

thank for the new set in the member area ( Jacuzzi Strip )  very nice pic's.  just love you in those full cut briefs.  please do more of them like the old full brief sets.  full front views.    also let whom ever writes the Aunt Karen stories I said   WOW!!!! and write more ASAP!!!  I have seen the stories published on other sites as well as yours and it has great reviews wherever it lands.  you too have quite the reputation around the web!! I'm not the only panty ( full brief ) lover around.  your pic's are talked about on a lot of other sites, with nothing but praise!
thanks and have a happy new year!!
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