Photo Set #116-Getting a Raise (part 1)
Hi Hun.....WOW !!!!  how can I put this,without sounding like all the others.....lets just say, you've given all of us a "raise",besides just never stop ......another sleepless night alone.....thanks for one of your greatest sets...too bad all of the thong wearers out there, didnt get a gander of this set,,,maybe they would get the hint.... another satisfied member by this set....I just can't imagine 200 sets of you like this one....eeeeeeeeee.....what I wouldn't give....anyway stay safe and well and please say hello to Brad for me if you get the chance....sunsets and tender moments

Hi, Sonia
    Earlier this month, I had to temporarily stop my membership because of financial uncertainties.  How nice to see, before I am terminated, that you again allowed us to view your "Getting a Raise" series with some new frames, I think.  This series should certainly get the "Gold Star" in  my opinion.  I am a happily married man, 73 years old with a lifetime zest for panties and still sexually active.

    The panties that you wear in your "Getting a Raise" (sheer and with the single layer crotch) are fantastic!  I hope that my membership void will not last too long.  I have certainly enjoyed your site.

    Thanks and best regards,    John

Subject: Getting a raise part 1
  You are awesome in this photo set----the last 8 pictures blows me away---you are beautiful!!!!!
   I would love to buy those pink silky panties you are wearing??????? I would pay a $100 for them?????  Any Chance????
    I have to go back and look at you again---you are beautiful!!!
   Your Devoted Fan
Dear Sonia,
I am happy to be back as a member of your zone. I have always thought slips were one of the most sensuous pieces of lingerie, and you have had three sets with slips since I rejoined the zone.  Your vintage set (The Sunset Trail) was very nice (exciting setting and beautiful slip, bra, panties, etc). "Getting a Raise" was really great too. The most recent set, "Changing slips" was outstanding (although could have had a few more poses). You had such a great combination of sexy, silky slips, silky briefs, beautiful lace-top stocking, and white pumps- what more could a guy want? Your husband is a very lucky guy and a great photographer!!!

I also continue to enjoy the stories, but am disappointed the Aunt Karen series is over. The Stocking Smitten Too "Tests" is a good series, and I hope this will continue.

Keep up the good work, you have the classiest, sexiest, and yet the most tasteful photos on the "net".

Dear Sonia,
congratulations for site. It's very nice and pics are great.  I really liked your last set (Getting a raise).
Hi Sonia,
Wow. I was so surprized and pleased at the latest addtion to the stories section from Stocking Smitten Too. If you remember I wrote and the original "The Tests" under the Stocking Smitten name last summer. I'm very excited that my piece was so well regarded and inspiring to Stocking Smitten Too.

Also, yourlatest "Getting a Raise" I and II were fantastic. The best since last summer's "Lingerie Shopping".
Jim S

The latest barrage of updates to the membership zone are mesmerizing.  You are just so beautiful.  I can't get enough of your beautiful legs & stockings.  The pink stockings are wonderful & get more than a raise.  Can you say staying at attention?

Look forward to many more fine updates.  I especially love the latest black stockings shoots.  Always love to see other colors, blue, green etc.  The spanking set is spectacular.  How 'bout you being the dominatrix? (note from Sonia:  I have #72-Sonia Ties Up Silver)

Keep up the great work...

It would be impossible to find a panty site better than yours.  Incomparable photo quality,  very high quality sets,  and, of course, you!  I'm glad that I joined.  The #116 (Getting a Raise part 1) was heart stopping when I first saw it.  My thing has always been sheer, silky, full cut nylon briefs.  Until now I haven't seen what I saw in #116 and I want to thank you for it.  Regretablty, we panty fetishists have an unusual need to become "involved" in women's panties.  Seeing a sheer, full cut, nylon brief exposed is truly wonderful and thrilling to me.  I thoroughly enjoy your site, it is clearly intelligent, I admire Brad's skills and the professionalism and most importantly I appreciate your demeaner in the photos.  Your kindness comes through and you seem like a very nice person.
Dear Sonia,
My compliments on your new Getting A Raise photo set. I got quite a raise myself as a result of seeing your delicious body dressed in that sexy pink lingerie! The photos of you in your beautiful big pink satin panties got me especially hot, and I couldn't help but fantisize about some very naughty things I wanted to do with your panties... :)
Thanks again for such a hot set of photos. Can't wait for Part 2!

Re: Getting a Raise
sure got a raise from me.  even gave her a little bonus on this one thanks for the fun.
Dear Sonia,
I'm Vince from Los Angeles and I have been a member for a couple of years and have really enjoyed your site and service.  You and Brad just keep getting better and better.  Brad's photography gets better and you get more lovely and sexxxxy.  I just checked and I have 52 of your photo sets and am really enjoying them.  The thing that makes the recent ones so much more special is that we see so much more of your face and smile.  "Lingerie Shopping" and "Decorating" are really wonderful.  But "Night Shift," "Who's The Boss," and "Getting a Raise" are definitely your best.  For us old farts who have spent our careers in offices, you are our fantasies come true.
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