Photo Set #126-Blue Nightgown 1
   I just loved your blue nightgown set---you ere awesome!!!! I especially loved the tight blue silky panties you wore!!!!!!  All of the shots were lovely...

  Your Devoted Fan

    Well, I asked for BLUE and I definitely got it.  The Blue Nightgown and Strip Pool Series were really GREAT!  I am not tired of BLUE, yet either.  Well, something tells me there was several pool games going on when the members were viewing the Strip Pool Series, I think the game is called "Pocket Pool".  You were so beautiful, erotic, and seductive in both series as always.

    And by the way the addition of the Lingerie Pass to the site is GREAT and really appreciated by all members.  It is obvious it is a lot more work for the two of you, but we REALLY appreciate it.  This long time member plans to be around as long as you stay on the web...  Please keep up the great work and please never stop bringing us your beauty and class.  In this very busy and hectic life that most of us live we have to have something to look forward to each day, and this site is one of the biggies for me.
Bob M

Hi ,
I love the new pics (Blue Nightgown).
White fluffy slippers are gorgeous!!!!!!!
More fluffy slippers pics please!!!!!!!
Bye, Bye For Now
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