Photo Set #138-Peach Briefs Sheer Slip
Re:  Peach Briefs
you truly are the queen!   I just love when you wear the slightly oversized briefs!  Wow that is just so sexy! thank you! I don't need the slip cover-up just the briefs by themselves on you are amazing. like the old sets ( blue and gold or briefs 1, 2, 3 ) just the strait on pic's in briefs.  thanks again and keep up the good work.  the site is just getting better all the time.
Dear Sonia,
Brad is absolutely right, your new pictures Peach Briefs are wonderfull. This is what I realy like. More of these. On the other hand, I'm now a member for couple of months, and you both have never dissapointed me. But of course Sonia you are such a beautifull lady with such a very good taste for underwear. Brad must be proud.

Thank you for all these beautifull pictures.

A big fan from Holland.

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