Flowered Briefs Close-Ups
    Just viewed the "Flowered Briefs Close-Ups" photos which as always are truly outstanding.  I had to respond because I always enjoy Brad's narrative of each shoot.  This time though, I had to reply to his narrative and the remark "Could it be that I have died and gone to heaven?  Mmmm... could be!".
    Sonia, please remind this man that he died and went to heaven the day you said, "I Do".  This is why you need the "Guy Friday" position I applied for recently, I could remind Brad each day just how lucky he has got it.  And then I could send him to pick flowers and expensive gifts to shower you with daily.  I would hope the shopping trip would keep him busy so you and your "Guy Friday" could get some work done in the office, hehehe!

Subject:  Flowered Briefs Close-Ups
Once again you amaze me!!!!!  you are just stunning and is it me or does you body get even better!  I don't know how Brad can keep his hands off you?  If my wife let me take pictures of her like that it would take me days to finish.  I would be such a horny mess I would not be able to concentrate.
Thank you!! and as always please make more sets like this one.
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