Photo Set #158-Sonia & Taylor Play Pool
Subject:  Sonia & Taylor Play Pool

Looking good Sonia!

You are as sexy as ever - thank you! :)

Love Christopher

Hi Sonia & Brad,
I'm just returning from a long vacations of 3 weeks.  I'm making a review of Sonia's Site and I can't believe that my eyes are watching. "Sonia and Taylor Play Pool" and "Pink Feathered Robe"  and "White Lace"  Photosets, with Sonia's wearing ultra-sheer bra and panties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I'm still now with my eyes wide open. Sheer clothes are the best on Sonia's body and rear close ups to the Sonia's buttocks makes me have a wet dreams.

Excellent Photosets.  Thank's Sonia and please, more ultra sheer photosets.

Saludos de tu admirador número uno desde México.

You have made me so happy, and continue to do so. Thank you very much for your kind consideration in allowing me these perfect glimses of your perfect body. You really are my queen of lingerie and bring much light into an often dark world.

As to my favourite images of you, well that is just too difficult to assess, since every picture paints a different glimpse of you, but if I was forced to choose then love in an elevator series, Sonia gets spanked, business or pleasure series, night shift, hardly working, london bridge in pantyhose, baby blue sweater, office tease series and Sonia and Taylor play pool are my favourites, but that leaves out so many other superb photos. You see its so difficult to choose!

I can tell you though you are always close by, since I secretly travel with many of your pictures to places around the world inaccessible, inhospitable and really just places people shouldn't go, but when nightime falls you are always there, a bright light in a very dark world.


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