Photo Set #166-Overtime
Subject: Overtime set
You have always brought excellent sets to your website, but I think this one is now my new personal favorite.  Full fashioned stockings have always been my thing, they look so beautiful even by themselves, but even more so on your legs.  In my opinion, nudity is not needed for any of the shots in your sets for me to enjoy the lingerie you are wearing.  I'm sure most people will disagree with me and ask to see more anyway.  Another thing I have noticed is that you seem to really enjoy this, I'm sure it's probably a pain at times, but it really shows.

I also wanted to express how much I really enjoyed ovrtim29.jpg, and would like to see a lot more of the shoeless type shots.  You have very beautifully arched feet in this picture, and to bring that together with the reinforced soles and seams of a full fashioned stocking makes it even better.

Thanks for bringing such a quality product into our home.
Wayne & Julie

Your Overtime photoset is super.  You can work overtime anytime with me.  You are just great.  That's why you are still my favorite Lingerie Pass Partner.  You answer your emails, you honor (silly) requests (like mine), and you constantly update your site.  I have been a member of other similar websites and have closed those memberships because they were cheesy and were in poor taste.  I remain a member (and have been a member for quite a while) of your site because your photos are always high quality (kudos to Brad) and your photosets are done with class.  Oh, and did I forget to say you are a beauty?    Keep up the great work.
Thanks for the Overtime photo set, I enjoyed it so much. You are by far the best sweetie.!!!
Martin xxxx

Hi Sonia, loved your pics with soft white panties and silky slip (#166-Overtime)! You got me so hot I c**e all over myself!  Bras, panties, stockings really do it for me.
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