Photo Set #168-Bound to Graduate (part 1)
  I love your bound to graduate series.  You are awesome---and so hot!!!!  I love the way you look in those panties-----especially where your legs are separated by the bar and you show your silky moist panties!!!!   Outstanding!!!
  Keep this type of series going-------please!!!!
  Your devoted fan
Hi Sonia, We have enjoyed you pics for some time, but those bondage pics are really great, hope you will do more like that!

                                Kathy and TJ

Hello honey... You look so edible in that "bound to graduate" that I don't know how I can deal with it.  You are the MOST incredible chick I have seen!! Totally gorgeous!!!! No crap... I LUV what you do for us....... KEEP IT UP HONEY.......

Subject:   Bound to Graduate
This is a wonderful series of pictures.  The combination of clothing and artistically displayed skin is outstanding.  The use of the rope and a woman who obviously enjoys the play makes the pictures that have kept me up at night.
Sonia is a great looking woman with a flair the artistic bondage.
It makes little difference what Sonia wears; She is absolutely gorgeous!! The most amazing legs I've seen in YEARS....and a perfectly proportioned body to go with them!! And pretty too?? Many would say that is impossible!!  Sonia has proven them wrong!!  I especially enjoy Sonia IN bondage, rather than her putting someone else in bondage.   Great pics of a great lady !!
Master C
just a quick line to say what a great set Bound to Graduate was, looking forward to part two. Nice to see you in a nice flared dress.
Dave L.
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