Photo Set #184-Accordian Lace Slip & Flowered Briefs
Sonia,,this is one of the best sets you have,,,that slip on you is a killer,,,many hrs of looking at this set,,,I just dont understand why every single women out here,isnt forced to look at this set,,,there surely wouldnt be as many divorces,if they looked at you and dressed like this,,,as I said before,,,I know its your choice,as well,as the women out here to wear those god damn thongs,but frankly ,us guys who dont like the look ,have been subjected to it for the last 15 yrs,and frankly,we are tired of it,there are alot of females who wear them,that should be paid NOT to wear them...give me the good old days when women had values,and their man was number one in their lives,,,Hello ---the way to a mans heart is thru his EYES !!!  what he see's triggers the brain,,not his stomach....wake up women,smell the roses,and feel the nature of nylon between your legs again,,,,just my views..              hugs Sonia, and thanks for once again being've made a difference in my life
Subject:  184-Accordian Lace Slip & Flowered Briefs
Now that's what I call a slip (accordian lace)
keep it up
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