Photo Set #192-Little Blue Skirt (part 1)
Re: Sonia Dane - Little Blue Skirt / sheer panties
    Enjoying the heck out of my Lingerie Pass, but your pictures, esp. Mammoth Falls are the best. And Brad is a great photographer, but then, he is working ( ? ) with a beautiful woman.
Subject:  Little Blue Skirt (part 1)
You Gave Me a Jolt This Morning!  Had to email you. What a photographic series!!!! You really gave me a
jolt this morning. The sign on page with you in the little blue skirt should be available in the miniature picture gallery. That picture would make a terrific background picture for my home computer!!!
Subject:   Little Blue Skirt / sheer panties
Hi Beautiful Sonia,
Whenever I think, ".....this Sonia's photoset is the best of all.........", you can't stop to surprise to me. What an extra nice news when this morning I opened my E-Mail. A new Sonia's photoset, with the promise of an extra miniskirt and SHEER PANTIES with a lot of Butt views. I think Brad's description was so short. At the moment to open the photoset, WOOOWW, I'm in heaven. My dream really come true. The photoset almost dedicated to Sonia's Butt, in very sheer panties!!!!!.  What a perfect Sonia's Butt, thank's a lot Sonia for this beautiful gift for my eyes.
Greetings from Mexico.
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