Photo Set #206 - Pale Pink Dainties
     I just had the opportunity to look over your new set "Pale Pink Dainties". How the heck do you do it? You have a way of making me feel like I am the room with you and I don't even know you.

     Your pictures, while they have a lot of sex appeal, are not raunchy or "hard core". I just feel really comfortable with them and I am delighted I came across your site.

     As I am writing this to you the TV is on CBS teling me about the war in Iraq which started tonight. I wonder if there would be a way of getting some of your stuff to the soldiers over there. It might make them feel like the people at home are with them.

     Thanks again for the new site. And congratulations on a fine job.


Subject:  Pale Pink
          WOW !  Is your husband a lucky guy.  You are stunning!
Re: "Pale Pink Dainties"
You are soooo sexy. ;-)~
Re: "Pale Pink Dainties"
Dear Sonia,
You are one scrumptious looking woman.  And your lingerie is just unbelievable, I love it, and wish I could wear it after you had it on!  I am a crossdresser, and I especially love the pinky, lacey items.
Extreme Admirer,
Love your latest addition, pale pink dainties!
Can't wait for part 2

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