Photo Set #212-Maid in Blue
Just had to tell you how fabulous the maidnblue set is.  I enjoyed it so much.  I have been a fan for many years.  This set will always be one of my favorites.  Can't tell you how much I enjoyed your most beautiful legs in blue stockings.  Can't remember seeing blue for some time & it was just such an exciting shade I'd love to see it again.  Any chance of honoring a request for blue pantyhose with the blue shoes from the maidnblue set?
I'd be totally grateful if you could.

Subject:  Maid in Blue
As usual your photo sets are just so lovely. Thank you and your husband for sharing.

Subject:  Only you could make cleaning sexy!!
Dear Sonia,
I don't know how you manage it! No one else could make cleaning the bathroom look so sexy! ...and WOW do you look sexy! I loved the outfit - particularly those dark smoky blue stockings! ...and as for pic 16 - UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You are to die for Sonia. Just stunning.

I also downloaded the "Fuzzy Undies" and "Mammoth Falls" photosets the other day and was similarly blown away by those too. It must have been your Fuzzy Undies that were making my eyesight fuzzy ;-) and as for the Mammoth Falls pictures - well, let's just say it wasn't just the falls that were mammoth! Fantastic!

Thanks for everything

Have a nice weekend and take care (and loads more pictures!)
Andy xx

Subject:  Laundry Day
Those were the sexiest pictures i have ever seen.

Well, next to the maid in blue.  I really loved how you gave the sense of teasing and not knowing it, and then realzing you were being watched, then still teasing some more.   So sexy.

Thanks for sharing!

Subject:  Maid in Blue
I think you are a beautiful woman.  You look beautiful in your maid uniform.  I love those panties you have on and would love to see more pictures of you in different color panties.  Your ass looks beautiful and also the picture looking down your blouse was outstanding.
Lots of Kisses

Subject:  Comments to Maid in Blue
All I can say is what a face, what a bod, what babe!!!!!!
I've got a big time h----n!

Subject:   Maid in Blue
This is one of your best sets yet!  Blue is my favorite color, don't suppose you'd consider selling your blue panties to one your long time  I won't tell anyone!

Subject:  Maid in Blue
Some very tasty shots in this release, You have once again got me into drooling mode. Great upmarket production. Thanks,
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