Photo Set #222 - Pink Chiffon Maid (part 3)
I have got to tell you, I have been a fan of your work and your body since I first stumbled upon your site.  I recently revisited some of the older sets available on the members site, and I still am in awe of the amazing 3 part set "Pink Chiffon Maid".  Your images in that spectaular outfit in the bright sun - your skin aglow and radiant, your ass looking great in those panties, your breasts barely contained by the top, your legs spectacular legs exsquisitly formed by the heels and accented with the hosiery, and the poses you gave us combine for a mesmerizing array of images. Whenever I am in the need for a good pick me up, I look at these pictures, wishing to be the one with the camera.  I get unbelieveably aroused by this session, and it never fails to deliver satisfaction.  Brad is the lucky one, being able to satisfy the lust that I can only imagine builds in him when shooting a set like this!
Yeah Beautiful Sonia,
Let me tell you, that the photoset "Pinkchiffonmaid", all 3, was something that really knocked out my brain. All of them had been always in my mind and in my Sonia's dreams. Very Sheer bra and panties, a very sunny day, wet clothes and the most amazing, to full all my dreams, a lot of Sonia's beautiful pictures in just sheer clothes. Thanks a lot for this great special gift for me.

Thanks again for those super wonderful photoset in  3 parts.
Greetings From Mexico,

Dear Sonia,

Yet again you have made my day with your latest set of pictures and yet again you look absolutely beautiful - good enough to eat *wink*

Just love that see-through top!!!

Take care,

Love Andy xx

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