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floral full-cut brief panties granny panties high-heels
You are the only woman I have ever seen that can make "Granny Panties" look good.
You're outstanding!
I'm so glad to see Sonia's Briefs Vol 7 and Vol 8, where Sonia looks incredibly feminine, those are photos for collection, simply beautiful. Please, let to know Sonia how I'm so anxious to see more new Sonia's photosets in very sheer panties that they are my favourites to see in that dream body Sonia has and, as always I told Sonia, I'm bang head for her extremely, incredible, amazing, heavenly, so beautiful, terrific, fantastic, wonderful, marvelous, heavenly, celestial, dreamely, powerful, so very well formed and so on (I have no more words).................., her so SONIA's BEAUTIFUL BUTT.
Regards from Mexico,

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