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girl-girl picture stockings see-through panties lingerie
I love the Caught and Punished (2).  Will U ever be tied up in the future?????  Would be VERY sexy........  You're HOT......

Absolutely lovely.  Glad to see you getting more risque!

Sonia & Ivana
Awesome set! I can hardly wait for part 3!  I am full of anticipation waiting for part 3.  I would LOOOOVE to see some more suggestive interaction between the two of you.  Any chance of some full kiss action between the two of you?  Maybe a shot or two of Sonia sucking on Ivana's nipples? Or a hand under her panties?  Brad must have some excelent concentration to not loose his cool and make it a 3-way!
Hot as always!

Haven't written in a long time. You always do a terrific job. But the segment cited above with Ivana was a turn on to me for all the wrong reasons. not into kinky but ivana's outfit was out of this world to me.  loved the negligee and the color of the stockings. what color is that? very, very sheer. of course, both of you are lovely women.  wished i could see more of you in see-through long gowns with garters, stockings and your always great-looking shoes. thanks and give my compliments to ivana--or whoever dressed her!
Hi Sonia,
After viewing Caught and punished (part1) I was looking forward to (part2) Wow! Seeing you and Ivana together is always a treat, but this set goes beyond my wildest dreams! Seeing you pressed against Ivana is so erotic. Seeing her nylon covered feet and legs against you is so exciting. Seeing you straddling Ivana and licking her is ... well... arousing. As I looked at the photos in part 2 I kept thinking 'Whoa, how far will they go?' I know you have to stretch out the publication of the sets on your website but please be kind to us and not make us wait too long to see how far you will go! 

You were the first and you're still the best. To the sexiest girl on the Internet. Thank you for being.
Your #1 fan in NC

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