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sheer bed jacket and shiny brief panties with full-fashioned stockings
Dear Sonia,

I see that beautiful blonde in the mirror is back again!

Just when I think you've reached the pinnacle of success and created the ultimate photo set you come along with another one and blow me right out of the water!  Of course I'm speaking about Sheer Bedjacket and Shiny Briefs.  I think Brad was right when he wrote the description, I can smell your perfume in this one!

I would say this set is "as beautiful as usual"  but usual is too common place a term for you, so I'll correct that and say it is "Beautiful as Always and Forever!"

Dynamite set!


Re:  Sheer Bed Jacket & Shiny Briefs - sheerbedjacket&shinybriefs114.jpg

I'm particularly enamored by this pic!!! Just are


Re: - Sonia Dane - Sheer Bed Jacket & Shiny Brief Panties - sheerbedjacket&shinybriefs109.jpg

beautiful and hot mmmmmmmmmmm !!!!

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