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wearing champagne dixie belle panties silky nylons
Hi Sonia 
Champagne Dixie Belle's   wow ,sweetheart,it doent get much silkier than this,,you're killing me with envy...Its a good thing you arent here to see,,,eeeee,,,I just cant get enough of you,,,You just keep getting sexier,silkier and a nylon dream in nylons,,,whats a man have to do,to find your twin???....looks like I'll have more nylon sheets to wash tomorrow,,hehehehe  keep smiling 
have agreat day .........sunsets 
ps  with you in the house,who needs viagara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been meaning to write you with my comments concerning your newest photo set of Champagne Dixie Bells! Not that I was forgetting, however, after I find the right picture of you to masturbate to because there are so many to choose from, I end up loosing track of time here in my office and don't have enough time to write to you. 

At one time I asked you to fulfill a request of mine. That request asked that you would please do a photo set showing full views of your panties before you put them on and in Champagne Dixie Bells you did just that! Also, I asked that you put on a more serious face, a look like you are being tormented to dress sexy; seeing the way you like to tease us panty perverts, that must have been very difficult for you to show a tormented look as if you were being degraded, but you put on that look in Champagne.  Please do another tied up set! Have Brads lucky ass tie you up with your under garments!

Take care and keep up the good work you little hottie!

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