A Hard Day's Work (part 1)

Brad's Description
upskirt panties legs high-heels half-slip picture Sonia continues her great tradition of office-themed photo sets with this hot and sexy series. She comes to work ready for a hard day's work, wearing a short and yet proper business dress. The lace of her white half-slip shows beneath the hem of her skirt, as do the clips of her garter, and her stocking tops. As Sonia moves about her office, she gives frequent views up her dress, showing her pretty lace panties as she bends over, crosses and uncrosses her legs, and sits on top of her desk. As she talks on the phone, she plays idly with the collar of her dress, showing you the pretty white lace bra covering her gorgeous breasts. Finally, Sonia opens her dress and slides her silky half-slip down her shapely legs and over her black high-heel pumps. She holds the slip out to you, offering it... and you know it's going to be a hard day's work!
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