Battling Beauties

Brad's Description
girl-girl cat fight stockings panties clothes ripped off Sonia and Taylor both want to wear the same pink dress. They are both holding onto the dress and it soon becomes a tug-of-war. Quickly a battle ensues, and they forget about the dress (at least for now), since their hands are full, pulling on each other’s dresses, in a sexy catfight. They pull and twist and struggle, stretching each other’s dresses. Sonia exposes Taylor's pink thong panties, and then Taylor exposes Sonia's sheer black bikini panties. They lose their balance and end up on the bed, where the two beauties start getting really gritty. They pull at each other’s hair and dresses. Taylor yanks on Sonia's garters. They pull each other’s dresses down exposing their breasts. Then there are no holds barred, as they pull on panties, stockings, garters, hair and more. And to the victor goes the pink dress - and she'll need it since hers got torn in the battle!
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