Black Stockings, Black Slips...

Brad's Description
pictures of a woman wearing black full fashion stockings with a black slip a black lace bra and black high-heels ...Black Panties, Black Garter, Black Heels, Black Bra... If you like black lingerie, there is plenty of it in this photo set! Sonia starts off with her black full-fashion stockings (with red backseam) pulled on but falling down a bit as she is putting on her garter belt. She puts on a pair of black bikini panties with lace front and sheer back. Then she puts on a beautiful front-clasping black bra with lacey cups. Her slip is next and it's a pretty black half-slip with ivory lace at the hem and side slit. She shows us this slip from several different angles before deciding to try on a longer vintage slip with about 8 inches of lacey goodies at the bottom! (see sample photo) Thinking that brief panties would look better with this vintage slip, Sonia slips out of the bikinis and steps into a pair of black full-cut briefs. She takes her time pulling them up, teasing every step of the way :-)
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