Breakdown (part 1)

Brad's Description
see-through blouse bra stockings garters high-heels outdoors This is the first in a three part series. It is a fantasy photo set that we had a great time shooting! In this first part, Sonia's car breaks down on a mountain road. This photo set follows her from the moment she steps out of the car to check under the hood. There are some great views up her skirt as she bends over to release the hood latch, and as she leans over to check the engine. The sheer blouse she is wearing, does little to conceal the push-up bra underneath as she adds some water to the radiator. A close-up shot reveals that her nipples have slipped out from behind the edge of her bra. After adding water to the radiator, she lays down on the ground to have a look under the engine (as we have a look up her skirt). Her hands have now gotten dirty, so she walks down to the stream that runs by the road, to wash up. This first part ends with Sonia down by the river, pulling her blouse off over her head.
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