Bridal Bondage (part 1)

Brad's Description
white satin bra nipples erect wedding dress white satin panties Sonia is all dressed up in wedding white, as her photographer takes some pre-wedding photos. But in the bridal suite, her photographer gets a bit carried away, tying Sonia's wrists together to get some unexpectedly sexy pictures for his private collection. First she must sit on the side of the bed, her bound wrists forcing her breasts together, emphasizing her abundant cleavage. Made to lie back on the bed, the bodice of her gown is pulled down to reveal her white satin bra. Sonia is helpless to resist as her bra is pulled down, revealing her pert nipples as they stand out, embarrassingly erect, above the satin cups of her bra. She is further exposed and humiliated by having her pretty wedding dress pulled up to her waist, revealing her garter belt, her stockings tops, and her pretty white satin panties. Now convinced that the wedding photographer will show these photos to the entire wedding party if she doesn't do as he says, Sonia submits to his commands, holding up the front of her own dress to show her pretty lingerie once guarded beneath layers and layers of chiffon petticoats. Finally she must kneel facing the headboard, the back of her dress held up by clothespins, as her photographer shoots some erotic photos of her sheer-pantied rear.
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