Bridal Bondage (part 3)

Brad's Description
Bridal Bondage (part 3) Sonia is tied to the headboard; her wedding dress is still pinned up exposing her pretty pantied rear. Slowly her lacy bikini panties are peeled down as she struggles to maintain her modesty, until her panties are down around her high-heel pumps. A satin bow holds her bra together in front. Sonia simply watches as the bow is untied and the bra cups are pulled away, exposing her full breasts. Helpless to resist, Sonia lies back as a silky pair of white brief panties are pulled up her legs. She is offered another pair of pretty brief panties for modesty, but the additional brief panties she is given are see-through and prove to be almost invisible in their sheerness. But Sonia dons the white chiffon panties anyway, luxuriating in their silkiness and enjoying their sensual pleasures, while grasping at any modicum of modesty that is offered her. And now, pantied in two silky pairs of full-cut brief panties, Sonia is made to stand on the bed as the back of her dress is pulled out and pinned to the chiffon curtains hanging from the ceiling behind her. Her dress now makes a silky white tunnel leading to her perfect bottom: a gorgeous bride helplessly on display as her wedding photographer zooms in to that satin tunnel of bridal lingerie.
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