Briefs in Bed

Brad's Description
upskirt pantyhose peek mini-skirt high-heels One of Sonia's favorite things to do is to read erotic stories in bed. And, of course, one of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of Sonia wearing sexy silky nylon brief panties. So in this photo set, we both get to do our favorite things! As Sonia reads her stories, I snap pictures of her in her pretty lingerie, from all different angles. And like our previous "...Briefs Close-Ups" photo sets, most of the pictures are close-ups, which make you feel like you're right there! In the majority of these pictures, Sonia is wearing the shiny beige briefs that she's wearing in this sample picture, along with her beautiful shiny beige bra (there are few close-ups of Sonia's bra in this set). But toward the end of the photo set, Sonia changes into a pair of sheer soft white briefs, and finally into a pair of sparkling light-green brief panties. If you appreciate silky nylon brief panties, then this photo set is definitely for you. And if you don't... then maybe this photo set will change your mind :-)
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