Caught and Punished (part 1)

Brad's Description
Vintage Turquoise Babydoll After "Playing Dress-up with Ivana," Sonia later returns to her guest bedroom, to find that Ivana has decided to keep some of Sonia's lingerie for her own. Dressed in her black stockings, black stilletto heels, satin bustier, and carrying a black leather whip, Sonia enters the room and locks the door behind her. She casually sips a cocktail as she considers Ivana's fate for such an offense. Unimpressed with Ivana's excuses, Sonia decides she must teach her a lesson. So she ties her wrists to the bed posts and cracks her whip threateningly before tying Ivana's nylon stockinged ankles together. With Ivana now helpless, Sonia straddles Ivana's waist, her sheer black panties pressing on Ivana's lap. What will Sonia do next? How will Ivana take her punishment? More is revealed in the next part of what I think is Sonia's best girl-girl series to date!
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