Champagne Dixie Belles

Brad's Description
nylon panties Dixie Belle briefs vintage full-slip One of the most erotic things to watch Sonia do, is watching her put her panties on and taking them off. Something about seeing her slide the silky nylon panties up her legs and over her butt... mmmmmmmm! She lays back on the bed, then puts her high-heeled feet on the mattress and lifts her bottom up in the air to pull her champagne colored Dixie Belle briefs over the curves of her hips. Her vintage full-slip bunches up around her waist, and you can see the darkness of her perfect nipples beneath its sheer knife-pleated cups. Standing back up, Sonia gives you a little peek-a-boo shot of her panties as she lifts up the delicate lace hem of her slip. Then slowly she continues lifting the slip up and over her head, allowing you to see her in full brief panties, white thigh-highs, and her stiletto high-heels. Standing in front of the mirror, she takes a look at herself from a few different angles, and then puts on a VERY short mini-dress. But she has pulled her panties down around her thighs now, perhaps deciding whether or not to change them. She leaves them there as she adjusts the straps of her dress, giving us a wonderful peek at her femininity, then pulls her champagne Dixie Belles back up and lets her dress slide down over the silky panties. And just when you think it's over... Sonia turns around and gives a beautiful teasing rearview peek at her pretty panties and more!
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