Full Open-Bottom Girdle

Brad's Description
full open bottom girdle, stockings, strappy heels I love department store lingerie, and I love the way Sonia wears it! This photo set features this full open-bottom girdle. The photo set starts off with Sonia getting dressed. As she buckles her shoes, she gives some great up-girdle shots. She then puts on a calf-length dress with a slit up the back. After a few pictures giving peeks of the girdle, her legs, her panties...she begins to take the dress off. She unzips it and pulls it down from the top, slowly exposing the girdle to full view. Sonia then romps around on the bed a bit before beginning the task of unzipping, and unclipping all the fasteners on the side of the girdle (see the sample photo). Then there is a series of photos as she removes the girdle. And finally, after she slips the girdle off of her legs, she lies on the bed to remove her last stocking. I think these photos are oh-my-god beautiful! It is incredible seeing Sonia's body wrapped up in all that tight elastic and nylon!!
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